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We'll find what they don't want you to see...

DOWNLOAD LATEST BRIEF: Use of Biological, Chemical, Radiological, Neurological and Psychological weapons upon U.S. Citizens by U.S. Government. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

We are some of the best in the world at what we do:

* Investigating U.S. Government Abuse of "Weaponized" RNM through DNA obduction and sequencing to datasets and bio resonance tuned to Targeted Victims specifically (V2K, VM, BCI, HMI, RV, RI, RF, EMF, ELF, PM, MK & Adverserial Neural Networks - One On Many) Fighting Against American Slavery.

* Cognitive Science Abuses (Review, Oversight, Accountability & Enforcement)

* Pre & Post Cognitive Investigative Services (Memory Searches - RNM back tracing to U.S. Government Sources and Agencies)

* Expert Witnesses on "lesser known" technologies & consequence to civilians

* Unbiased assessments of "Surveillance/Intelligence Over Torment" & Civil Rights Violations including U.S. Govt abuses or the Nuremberg Code

* RNM/RNN Expert on Human Trafficking, Slavery, Brainwashing, Conditioning, Human Capital Theft, Espionage, Psyops Methods & Tactics

* Electronic & Microwave Surveillance Detection (Sweeping & Isolation)

* Experts on "Neural Soul Snaring" - Brain Signature/DNA Obduction and "classified technologies used to gentrify U.S. Citizens - Disclosure protected by HSPD - 6 (violations to constitution rights declassify any technology misuse)

* Experts in Nano Technology identification, Extraction from biologic sources and mass collection methods

*Experts in Targeted Victim screening, identification and classification

*Targeted Victim complaint recourse, remedy submissions, legal outsourcing, connection and communication

* Targeted Victim Advocate & Advisor - Assisting TI's through legal remedy


Current Investigations Include:

* NEW EX NSA Employee reveals weapons used on TI Victims BACK STORY & VIDEO


* CIA Secret Neural Prison called "The Matrix" ensnares children, adults and the elderly from coast to coast  BACK STORY & VIDEO

* 7 FBI/CIA Officials identified at Langley  having knowledge in targeting POTUS with weaponized RNM - seen as an assassination attempt based on adverse affects. JTTF Phx-Gms continues to "Cover Up" involvement BACK STORY & VIDEO

* FBI Counter intel Sting proves knowledge of a psyops/slavery ring within the U.S. upon citizens without legal authority to condition and gentrify Targeted Victims. BACK STORY & VIDEO 

* AZ lacks legal protection for Tenants being illegally surveiled within their homes (audio & video) BACK STORY & VIDEO 

NEW TI Wall Of Shame - Listen to actual audio evidence of the U.S. Governments Dereliction of Duty, Willful Neglect and Involvement in a Genocide. CLICK HERE

* RNM explained "Constitutional Anarchy" BACK STORY & VIDEO

* SIS (Security Industry Specialists) linked to "Social Engineering" Programs in U.S. Cities and FBI does nothing but threaten whistleblower. BACK STORY & VIDEO

* Drone Program revealed over Phoenix, AZ.  BACK STORY & VIDEO

* Truth About millions of "Targeted Individuals" revealed. BACK STORY & VIDEO

* Apprehension or Top Secret "Shadow Suit"? BACK STORY & VIDEO

* F.B.I "Gang Stalking" (or Community Stalking)  without legal authority (Domestic Terrorism) terrorizing US Citizens (V2K, RNN & MK Tech) Investigator is threatened by F.B.I to conceal findings and involvement.  BACK STORY & VIDEO

* UAP's or low orbit satellites? BACK STORY & VIDEO

* "The Truth" about President Biden's Cognitive Impairment BACK STORY & VIDEO

* "Voter Influence & Corruption of Democracy" exposed BACK STORY & VIDEO

* FBI Agent Phillip Bates (JTTF Phx-gms) Caught RED HANDED

* US Attorney Special Prosecutor Kristen J. Brook (Phx) Caught RED HANDED

* The United States Of Internment Camps BACK STORY & VIDEO

* U.S. Govt Defiles Religious Values through Fraud & Deceit BACK STORY & VIDEO

* FBI & Congress mislead Jennifer DeStefano BACK STORY & VIDEO

* One Nation Formerly Under God - Part 1 America's Darkest Secrets - Invisible killer


* One Nation Formerly Under God - Part 2 America's Darkest Secrets - Killer Patents


* One Nation Formerly Under God - Part 3 America's Darkest Secrets - FBI Dirty Deeds BACK STORY & VIDEO

* One Nation Formerly Under God - Part 4 America's Darkest Secrets - DOJ & NSA involvement. BACK STORY & VIDEO

* One Nation Formerly Under God - Part 5 America's Darkest Secrets - C.I.A & DARPA "Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory" BACK STORY & VIDEO

*One Nation Formerly Under God - Part 6 America's Darkest Secrets - U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines linked to predatorizing US Citizens and Veterans. BACK STORY & VIDEO

* AUDIO PROOF OF THE FBI's dereliction of duty & willful neglect of torment Targeting Individuals and an ongoing genocide on American soil. BACK STORY & VIDEO

* U.S. Govt. creating "Manchurian Candidates" with weaponized RNM BACK STORY & VIDEO

* U.S. Espionage rings linked to Psyops Units & U.S. employees (Officials hiding use of RNM and weaponized DNA RNM variant upon public)

* Special PSYOPS units linked to the CIA gone "ROGUE" involving Treason against the U.S. Citizens revealing MK ULTRA continued use upon the public.

* U.S. Intel Agencies with ties to foreign adversaries providing access to classified technologies and RNN revealing U.S. Officials "skeletons" to extort for benefit.

* U.S. Government found to be actively experimenting  upon children and the elderly non consenting within the US and worldwide in violation of the Nuremberg Code. Use of RNM and DNA weaponized RNM variant verified.

* Proof and witness testimony shows that the CIA and DARPA have a new "MK-ULTRA" known as "Project Ventriloquist" utilized DNA Bio Resonance and VR construct to condition and brainwash U.S. to act against their better nature. 

* US Government found to illegal create Proxy Informants aka (CHS or Confidential Human Sources) without agreement, consent, compensation, protection or incentive beyond "fear, threat and distress" malicious prosecution and permanent neurological damage, PTSD and disorders.  Equating to slavery.

* US Government Agencies found to use "Pysops Tech" to assasinate US Citizens by "assisted suicide without consent" or convince allegiant Proxies (CHS) to "clean up" or kill off "Whistleblowers/Problems".

* FISC (FISA) sign the equivalent of "death warrants" for millions of Americans under the the authority of the "Anit Patriot Act" in conflict with FISC 702. Death without Due Process, Indictment or Conviction as they are misled to the true capabilities of the technology in use and massive civil unrest already caused across the nation. 

* Neural Networks (RNN) utilized to steal US Citizens intellectual property, erase living memory of their lives, copy personal experience and knowledge to AI databases and copy this to the "elite chosen few" at DARPA, the CIA and U.S. Military without agreement, compensation or benefit other than disease, radiation poisoning and neurological issues. Also used in  "Social Engineering" Programs unleashed on U.S. Cities without Public Knowledge or consent creating more disparity between the "haves and have not,s".

* Sealed Surveillance Methods Exposed In F.B.I. Counter Investigation reveal the illegal use of RNM, V2K and MK technologies upon the public and intentional mis identification of innocent U.S. Citizens as terrorists or extremists to coverup illegal behavior and invasion of privacy.

* Ex Navy Seal aka "Daddy Killer" - kills father at 13 years old without justice served and currently works as a "Trainer" between the Navy and CIA to "social engineer" and steal the body, mind and soul or innocent U.S. Citizens. 

* Two US Army Psyops So plan assassination of U.S. Citizen via "Voice Of God' and planned travel to Arizona without prosecution.

* CIA Cognitive Science Doctor Killed by CIA for wanting to expose "slow kill" DNA bio resonance experiments on US Citizens including children within and outside the U.S. (hideous experiments on mind wiping a human vessel, driving them and transferring data to broken psyche of manchrurian candidates remotely)

* Slavery worldwide in much greater than 60 million as RNN's & RNM's utilize human resources without knowledge or consent of most victims (Origin US Govt illegal use of RNM and DNA weaponized RNM Variant upon innocents)

* Kinetic/Directed Energy Weapons and DNA bio resonant RNM used President of the United States explaining gestures, mannerisms and behavior. 

* RNN's used in Human Trafficking ring in U.S. & Abroad (US Govt participates) handing down "actionable intel" to FBI after illegally conditioning subjects. A "Create a terrorist then catch them" system. Rigged for the few using our technologies.

* Adult/Child Slavery Ring exposed in U.S. & Abroad "Pizza-Gate Exposed" use of RNN/RNM to groom, condition, control and exploit the human capital of children in plain view. U.S. Govt Intel Agencies let it all happen as children are raped. 

* CIA awareness of U.S. Citizens being predatorized by Domestic Terrorist Cells as created by design to justify expansion and defer attention to their on going illegal Human Experimentation and MK Ultra extended. Other U.S. fail interdiction to date (Allowing FBI Gangstalking Units, Trafficking, Crime and disorder to run rampant across the country. Designed to destroy and it's working). 

* Hypertheory/The One Game found to ensnare youth in fictional Virtual Reality gamer which is a "psyops" experiment under the veil of "universal tryouts" for human experimentation purposes, exploitation and brainwashing purposes. Illegally grooming U.S. Citizens to serve a "slave" purpose and fulfill a premeditated plan.

* Voter Fraud - It wasn't the voting machines that got Joe Biden elected it was subliminal messaging and behavior modification resonate frequency tech sprayed over major US Cities. 

* Voice of God directed energy weapons used to manipulate and defile Native American tribes and religious beliefs.

* Masonic lodges found to be involved in hideous "Master/Slave" practices 

* The real NWO is not a "one world government" that's a CIA cover story to defer attention and justify conflicts as they expand "mInd control" technologies.

* TDSB/NIS Code 3 & 4 list found to consist 99.71% of "Non Investigative Subject" guilty of nothing but on watch lists - active profiling on FBI & TSC

* "Slow Kill" psyops linked to over 158K suicides & proxy assassinations in U.S. Active Genocide on American Citizens or Gentrification of "Fringes/Outcasts" of society

* Big Pharma & Military Industrial Complex linked to "hundreds of thousands" of misdiagnosed "Synthetic Schizophrenics" suffering from V2K,RNN & MK not biologic aliments "swept under the rug".

* U.S. Govt. officials willing to "cover up" mass killings on innocent U.S. citizens to protect well known surveillance means "Voice Of God" military grade psyops

* Equivalent of "Super Humans" being exploited as slaves and suppressed

* Slavery in America by use of RNN, V2k, HMI, BCI, RI, RV, EMF, ELF & MK tech by Private industry & US Agencies without regulation or enforcement.

* U.S. citizen children being "kidnapped" and shipped to south America while law enforcement "turns a blind eye". 

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