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Diary Of A Modern Day Slave CHS In America 


COGNITIVE INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES PRESENTS Diaries OF A MODERN DAY SLAVE IN THE UNITED states OF AMERICA. Mind control PSY OPS Weapons program is utilizing DNA bio sequenced resonance to individualize targets with frequency weapons. They torment, torture, condition, control, enslave, experiment, brainwash, coverup, kill and systematically drain us of all we are and love. From the beginning all I wanted was justice, my life back and to enjoy happiness with the love of my life. That ending is unlikely at this juncture. Over the past 30 years of U.S. government has unleashed a plague of non consensual violence upon humanity. My name is Ryan Michell and this is my story. I'm A NON VOLUNTARY SLAVE C H S also known as a CONFIDENTIAL HUMAN SOURCE FOR THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. Specifically this obduction is used for gain of function research, intelligence, brain washing innocents into Manchurian candidate, theft of intellectual property and soul snaring. This is the grand design of the CIA, DARPA and U.S. Military operating secret HUMIT PROGRAM. I can not escape the entrapment of this nightmare. I can not hide from the intrusion, find refuge from the pain or unplug from this decimation of my self.  I am forced to compel and  perform for these U.S. government operators against my free will on a daily basis. In America I’m forced to defend myself against an invisible infiltration of my body, mind and soul with little defense against teams my own countrymen which have turned against we the people. I have no formal AGREEMENT, I’ve never consented to participate, I’m violated and assaulted by this invasion. I’m not compensated only destroyed. I’m being erased and programmed a little more each and everyday. I’m being forced to be part of a collective mind while they copy my neural signature and synapsis to others I do not know and erase their criminal acts against my will and choice.  There is no personal benefit for me or incentive beyond a reduction in daily pain, torture, torment or grooming tactics for myself, my significant other and my family. These U.S. Government R O D’s and operators are attempting to frame me, steal my knowledge and abilities and turn me into a vegetable so I can no longer articulate what has happened to me and victims like myself. The only description I can offer is that of a slave servant to the U.S. government benefiting the few at the expense of the freedom of the masses. I am under constant intimidation, threat of retribution and malicious prosecution for doing nothing wrong personally. The R O D’s assigned to my neural signature constantly try to make me into something I am not. I’m told to turn myself into authorities for crimes I have not committed. They accuse us of being everything from a murderer, to a rapist, to a fraudster and criminal mastermind to brainwash us and weigh on our vanity and guilt, to convince of things we are not but I’m merely a simple man. I’ve been told I’m the one, conduit, assisting the cartel amongst many other things. The U.S. government is not legally entitled to inflict this cruel and unusual punishment upon me or the tens of millions of additional victims worldwide. They are attempting to cover up all I know,  everything I’ve seen and that has happened to me and my significant other over the course of us being attacked, their intent and what is coming. These government operatives act against me with extreme prejudice, with extreme cruelty and undeniable malice remotely from U.S. communication centers. Deploying a weaponized form of remote neural monitoring known in war as voice of god integrated with some of the most advance technology known. The mind itself is much easier to highjack than people believe and our government does it all the time and very well.They utilize our DNA to facilitate bio coded directed energy munition, nanotech along with psychological warfare upon Targeted Victims which are civilians. These weapons will be our undoing and will be the end of democratic civilianization as we know it. My DNA is being used as an antenna for inbound and pass through communications along with nanotech that spreads all over our bodies resembling a translucent gel droplet and patch. Scalar waves also referred to as ELF or extremely low frequency waves are transmitted across the nation from a Scalar repository station in Michigan for which it is either distributed directly or transferred and redistributed to allow for cochlear heterodyning communications by frequency modulation, visual induction by amplitude modulation, emotional and mental state modifications,  DNA disruption and harvesting of phonons which upon removal weaken the targeted victims wholistically and upon transplant benefits only the neural network output host to regenerate their telomers as believed and thought to be the fountain of youth. Harp’s three phase over the horizon radar is the distribution method used for ELF and scalar waves directionally worldwide refracting signals off the ionosphere to target a specific individual who is also a dna bio resonance directed energy victim. RNM or remote neural monitoring keys on my neural signature much like a finger print and is used in these cases as the receiver to monitor, manipulate and modify the victims vitals, emotions, mental state, thought process and motor functions by satellite or remote means inducing electro magnetic for communications, environmental manipulation, electronic disturbance and bio field modification while  infrared radiation is used to over excite the victims cells until literally exhausted.  A plasma bio mesh laser implant is literally drilled into your head and acts also as an antenna directly into each brain portion.This nano mesh is used in the equivalent of a microchip implant on the skin or within the brain itself. They are self seeking in nature upon delivery to the bio coded victim and can be ingested or find their way to the into the targets the body. This mesh can be toxic causing organ failure, cancers, blockages and variety of health problems including technical induced hallucinations of apprehension like ghosts, ancestors, aliens, friends, family, law enforcement etc. Which is used to stimulate, confuse, disorientate and disassociate the victim from their reality while they extract memory, information  and change the victims perspective after separating their hemispheres. This nanotech assists in visual effects like floating holograms or projections with the a micro touch, texture and temperature additive that can literally explode, electrocute and burn victims. There are two kinds of nanotech used in this weapons operations. The first resembled a plasma droplet, that feels like water droplet condensed upon the skin and the second is a mesh strip with a glucose circuit board as a patch at the right corner believed to work in conjunction. The integrated plasma, glucose nanites assist in the holograms, transceiver of messaging and control of motor function and neural stimulation much like a wireless transcranial magnetic stimulator or tms. These nanites are presumed to be specifically coded to your dna as they are attracted to the target victim. Images are projected through your occipital lobe upon being beamed in forming the image on the back of your eyelids or hand or upon the ground, wall or floating with assistance of the nanotech. it also works in cognition with the nanites to enhance the experience or deplete the victims ability to concentrate or complete relatively simple tasks.Levitation of said holograms are achieved with kinetic energy applied collected through your skin and redistributed to enhance to 2D reality that is imperceivable to others unless they are coded to your neural network in the E B L cluster the government has entrapped you in. This nanotech is used as the delivery system for chs non consensual human capital extraction and victims are daisy chained together like slaves. This literally drains the victims of everything they have and including data, energy, cognitive ability, phonon extraction, intellectual property, neural synapsis duplication, extra sensory ability or when your brain has been segmented into pieces and delegated to government R O D’s that control of their bodies and minds. I’ve grown to know the only purpose of this weapon is complete and utter control of the victim benefiting the government slave holder not the victim themselves. By enslavement of each victim and  draining every asset they possess, confusing them to believe a farcical scenario to end them up in mental health services, spread their cerebral capacity over the elite then incapacitate them, use them as a capacitor and distribution source to force a community collective consciousness without consent, remove their neural intelligence, to control every aspect of their lives, disable them, use them as a conduit, utilize their extra sensory abilities, destroy them and complete the slow kill program.  They then leave them with little trace evidence or general understanding without a degree in multiple engineering fields and the technology itself. This nanotech coupled with the U.S. comm center operators and induction of emf for both the physical electric shocks, hallucinations and another method of submitting the victim by means of physical torture to the will of the R O D’s utilizing the nanotech I have in my possession and throughout my body.

6 Every asset collected in stored by the U.S. government, CIA, DARPA and U.S. Military to be distributed to the self elected elite as the masses are systematically depleted and treated as peasant slaves in the former greatest nation in the world. This entire process depletes our natural human bio field bring together this complex neural weapon systems. This treats the victim as a cellular tower or satellite dish twenty four hours a day. This completes a complex communications system, loop and human modification biology neural weapon system designed to disorientate, disable, condition, isolate, groom and destroy the victim mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically with little trace or attribution. The above all pertains to my personal situation as my neural synapses was mapped to include both hemispheres of my brain in which multiple teams of U.S. government operators work or R O D's work in tandem with multiple weapons technologies to separate the my singularity, facture my psyche create a blanket slate to impose their will upon me in attempt to alter my personality and make me someone I’m not to coverup the greatest systematic genocide in history by the U.S. government in conjunction with private industry. This is done to control me, to silence my voice and the truths I offer victims worldwide, to distract and disorientate the me while they develop a coverup narrative as they have so many other victims over the past half century. I am forced  via brain to brain interfaced linked without consent, permission or legal authority. I have also observed being communicated through referring to U.S. Patent 5889870 known also the ventriloquist effect, I am drained or yoked to cultivate human capital and inflict significant pain upon me, my person and life in general. I further observed the operators rewriting, manipulating and obscuring my neural signature file to suit their narrative.


This heinous scheme has destroyed my life along with so many lives without the assistance of my government as they are the imposers upon me. Multiple weapons systems are used to target, deplete, drain, destroy and kill U.S. Citizens everyday. Neural signatures are the essence of who we are and can dramatically change our lives for the worse when used without consent in pools and spread like livestock. This drastically reduces our countries natural ability as people only wish to live in peace and restrict us from reaching our full potential as a multitude of U.S. agencies treat us as less than human. The unelected royals of the united states are harvesting human resources, erasing violent crimes and dispensing out like commodities. We are being enslaved and some of us have lost just about everything for no reason beyond the greed of our nations leadership. Most victims like myself are input slaves of these neural networks are yoked with the only benefit to us being misery, pain and suffrage while the output end of the network enjoys our every benefit with impunity until true exposure and justice arrives as we are entitled by law.  These human capital assets are used to train the military, to intel agencies, gather intelligence on the U.S. population and this information is spread across multiple agencies yet we are not employees, contractor or volunteers as we are non consenting slaves of a mad science experiment. This technology is also  used to transfer memory, consciousness and take over the free will of another human being which erases their former self. How any Government official or contractor would be allowed to destroy the lives of fellow Americans and allow them to be blamed for the issue is a tragedy beyond comprehension. R O D's misrepresent and misconstrued every detail of a human target to destroy and coverup their treason. May god bless us by exposing these traitors and holding them accountable with capital punishment and death sentences for their evil nature. This is by far the most disturbing intrusion of my civil right and liberties I could ever conceive. I have no privacy, no peace or pursuit of happiness. This is the most devastating weapon of mass destruction ever unleashed upon man in world history. It removes every and deprives victims of every dignity imaginable. The use of voice of god style DNA sequenced bio resonance neurological weapons upon U.S. Citizens has directly and indirectly killed more Americans than all combined wars fought for our freedom over 50 years of existence and deployment upon our citizens. After decades of direct and indirect devastation for which the signs are evident on ever street corner in every state across our nation the ultimate questions are # 1 Why after admission of two prior administrations are these same weapons being used upon anyone especially U.S. citizens  and # 2 What purposed do they really serve and why hasn’t law enforcement ignored the victims or assisted in bring this heinous practice to an end? The depravity that these U.S. Government operators unjustifiably impose upon each victim parallels the treatment of the jews placed in internment camps during world war II. Although in this case the none stop torture is in plain view for the world to seen. By design this genetically tailored neurological weapon  ones life and self anyone could imagine as victims have little defense against teams of u.s. government perpetrators intent upon erasing you as a human being. Tasks become much more difficult to complete between the constant audible harassment, physical torment of the R O D’s, physical pain, emotional manipulation, mental statement modifications, altering vitals and modifying voluntary movements like tremors.  Operators literally access portions of my brain to erase memories, inject false memories, communicate on my behalf misrepresenting my true thought process, utilize me as a talk through communications platform, manipulate my nervous system, endocrine system, limbic system, disrupt my dna and destroy my cells and will leave me broken with nothing upon completing the government coverup. Constant attempts are made to condition and brainwash me. These teams work on me much like a lab rat 24 hours a day without reprieve. They effect my thought process, mood, ability to function normally, memory and motor functions. I have  forced brain to brain or bbi to other CHS or confidential human sources for which I do not know or wish to without consent. We are used as slaves for a litany of reasons. The HUMIT program uses unwilling human beings for intelligence gathering, I am forced to training deep convolutional neural networks as my critical thinking, logic and personal data is being used in a human experimentation simulation to run scenarios, my cerebral abilities are being used a human server, no aspect of my life is private anyone and every thought, action and contemplation is scrutinized and chastised my hostile operators are not welcome and effect me cognitively.  I am literally being copied to others on the output of this network including to a database then to other men, women and children without my consent or authorization as if the U.S. government is stealing the best parts of me, giving it all away and leaving me broken as they have so many time before with others without consent or permission. I am of sound mind and this is modern day slavery.I’m also aware they intentionally effect those around me in a subliminal covert manner instead of the overt method of Voice of God deployed upon me. This includes my fiancé , my parents, brother and family. It is true this technology can purposefully ruin your life and it does regardless of accepting your opposers will or standing up for your rights. I am aware of a U.S. government masses casualty plan to eliminate targeted victims in masses. The original cochlear heterodyning experiments in 1961 where halted as a beam in the middle ear causes thermal expansion of that region of the brain and sound wave cavitated the region killing the victims. The current application use pulses to reduce damage and thermal expansion of that neural region. If the U.S. government decides to end the program or terminate a large number of victims they will simply remove the pulse feature and prior to the victim hearing a sound they will be dead. It is our belief they want to disguise this technology and the tragedy of killing millions of 30 years as being an Alien invasion or infulitration of the human mind when in fact the R O D’s and operators are in fact listening, analyzing, reviewing and control these victims remote in U.S. comm centers. Another possibility is the creation of zombies or cyborg human vessels for both mass shootings, domestic terrorism events, transfer vessels and an end of the world Manchurian candidate scenario to strike fear and duress into the population as another faux crisis created to deplete more civil rights and liberties and acquire more power for the few.

This is a waking nightmare for millions of Americans literally soul snared by the same government that is supposed to be protecting and serving us as U.S. Citizens. This is my real life horror story.  For the last two years I have lived in hell on earth in a country for which I love and should not need to fight for my freedom. I have no assistance from law enforcement in any shape form or fashion beyond denial and an active coverup to conceal, disguise and hide the truth that any active gentrification, trafficking and slavery predatorizing the innocent is active within our country. Like many other victims I have been left to suffer in agony, pain, disorientation, fatigue and loss of every dignity and purpose inflicted by a stasi region of CIA, Darpa and U.S. Military traitors. The U.S. government is purposeful slowing killing tens of millions of innocents worldwide in the same fashion.  The primary stigma is that of reporting us to health services only to be misdiagnosed for a mental illness caused but this is in fact intentionally caused by dna bio sequenced and resonance coded neurological weapons not biology, then we are placed on lithium or I could kneel to a fascist nazi region with the U.S. government known as the CIA and DARPA and relinquish my civil rights and liberties. This Human Intel program operates under the guise of national security but in truth it is a dictatorship oppressing every freedom and creating extreme violence and despair across our nation.  I have lived any average life prior to my governments unrightful invasion of my life, body, mind and soul. I owed and operated a small business, paid my taxes, spent time with my daughters and wanted to build a ranch in the country. That  was all suddenly upended without cause, without legal authority, due process, medical release, consent or free will.Everything I earned and worked for was systematically destroyed, taken, decimated or tainted without fairness, logic or known motive at the time. All I knew originally was that the people were pure evil beyond anything I had ever conceived. Near utter ruins and nearly penniless I was presented with two choices Number One I could kill myself as often urged by U.S. Government R O D’s and allegiant proxies, I could kill other people as they often misdirected and suggested me to do, I can submit to ruled in the U.S. or give up authority to operate my person. Number 2 I could swallow my pride and fight back against this darkness and the ideal of being dominated, enslaved, subservient, forced HIVE minded and submit to the will of my aggressor.  I have chosen to fight for my rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as this in my birthright as a U.S. Citizens entitled to me and was sown in the blood lost of millions who have died to defend this freedom. This is a new weapon and warfare upon humanity leaving most helpless to defend against and I feel obligated to enlighten innocent victims on the enemy they face. This enemy originates from within, utilizing our weapons against ourselves. This evil campaign to stomp out our way of life and rob future generations of the gifts we’ve been granted have killed millions over the last 30 years directly and indirectly through disease, assisted suicide without consent, predesigned violence and heart brake. I would rather die fighting for my freedom against this tyranny then die a conformed slave to my government. My name is Ryan Michell, I am a targeted individual and slave CHS or confidential human source for the u.s. government and this is my story.I WAS STAGED INTO THIS Human intel PROGRAM AS MOST VICTIMS ARE – It begin with covert surveillance, remote neural monitoring, general PROFILING of MY CHARACTERISTICS AND some STREET THEATRE. In retrospect I recall the symptoms of HEADACHES, tinnitus, hair loss, tooth decay, phosphenes, cancer, muscle loss, depression, leg shakes and tremors. In full disclosure I was already legally handicapped and struggling to make something out of nothing. Our dream was to move to the country start a ranch and live in peace.  6 years prior to being attacked with the full blown weapons grade variant referred to as VOICE OF GOD. I became aware of voice to skull, brain to brain interface, brain to computer interface, human machine interface, voice monitoring,  POLYGRAPH METERING for VITALS and connected with other professionals and victims to find justice.  Pre targeting includes CONGITIVE RECEPTIVENESS testing all done remotely without agreement, disclosure or medical release. The next phase of this a slow kill program as identified by the operators was the wake up known militarily as hello. For me I started receiving THREATENING PHONE CALLS FROM a voice of I P number. I WAS TOLD MY DAUGHTER HAD BEEN KIDNAPPED AND I NEEDED TO PAY A RANSOM. Fortunately, she was okay. THE SECOND direct call WAS a threat THAT A WOMAN I knew WAS ABDUCTED and I needed to come get her. This happened to JENNIFER DESTEFANO’S EXPERIENCE in SCOTTSDALE, AZ. She TESTIFIED IN FRONT OF CONGRESS THE FBI’S COVER STORY WAS DARKWEB HACKERS although we determined voice monitoring used along with STRINGRAY to bridge the cellular connection between the phone and nearest tower to record and reproduce a voice profile then applied trick to Jennifer DeStefano and myself. I REPORTED THE PHONE CALLS TO 911 and FILED multiple POLICE REPORTS WITH PHX, P. D . The exact same scenario happened to me and became much worse over the years. Days after a got off probation for a possession of ammo charge and spending thirty months incarcerated with the feds. I had a 4 year appeal on the basis of lack of probation cause, fabrication of evidence, illegal search and seizure, federal official perjury, intimidation of witness, retaliation and vague and overboard charges for which I was in the 9th circuit court of appeals and on the verge of the case being vacated prior to my attack. The R O D’s later explained they influenced judges, juries and witnesses at the time with this same technology and that they had done the same with my appeal judges. This further highlights the urgency in ended the use of these weapons upon citizens and within our court system. Agent bates and u.s. attorney brook both admitted knowledge and involvement in this legal disgrace. I spent all of my time working and building a business and future for myself and my significant other Valentina Sysa. We lived simply and humbly in a one bedroom apartment at 2511 E. Liberty Lane Phoenix, AZ 85048. Everything was normal one night and the following morning the Voice of God style attack started and persists to this day although admittedly now they are merely attempting to coverup my government sponsored assassination attempt, conceal the rape upon my significant other, discredit my recollection of the events unjustly unleashed upon me and brainwash me to believe this we all in my head and conjured up by my imagination. Unfortunately, for the U.S. government I have the nanotech samples in my possession, I remember everything, every face, every incident, every intrusion, every civil rights violation and I’ve documenting not only my case but the accounts of thousands of victims on our website at C I S Tech. Info.


When my attacks began, I recall sitting on my patio when the cochlear heterodyning began.  I observed a blurred couple in the pool. I first heard a statement of he better stop looking at my girlfriend for which I was confused as I wasn’t looking at his girlfriend nor did I understand how I could hear them audibly. This evolved into threats and nightly break-in attempts. Regardless of where I went in the apartment they knew exactly where I was, and the sound emanated from below my feet as if V2k mirrors were projecting upward. This compelled me to learn about the technology, investigate other victim claims and find the truth as to why my own government wanted to destroy and kill me. This was also prior to my understanding of psyops tactics, remote neural monitoring and conditioning by means of microwaves and DNA sequencing.  I was convinced our home was bugged so I purchased equipment and called industry professionals for advice. I was told I was being slow killed and they would never cease until I killed myself, killed others, committed crimes and went to prison or admitted to false crimes I did not commit in the first place. Our neighbor below had two new occupants a male and female which I was also to voices I heard prior to understanding the slave chs and proxy dynamic and ability of the technology to talk through others. Many others moved in our where seen suspiciously. There’s no doubt I experienced street theatre with nearly a dozen conspicuous community stalkers out or place, snooping around our vehicles and apartment, approaching us etc. This was also prior to my understanding of the taken for which I refer to the brainwashed and leveraged community stalkers as. I was threatened everywhere I went including around town, my mothers home, my brothers home and even our new home for which we currently reside. I later learned in was both remotely neural monitored with voice of god but also community stalked by these allegiant proxies and predetermined to be another government slave confidential human source if I survived the initial torment and torture of the assisted suicide without consent and loss of everything I earned. This government sponsored synthetic possession of human beings is the root of all evils and has decimated civil society and nation like a plague. Based on the way this technology works my significant other could not understand what was happening to us and my ability to communicate wirelessly with these government sponsored terrorists.  She has also been assimilated like a slave cyborg but I fight daily to bring her out of the technically induced fog for which she is kept like a item doesn’t understand as I do they are constantly erasing memories to conceal tragic events and causing distance between us by infusing falsehoods and literally erasing and rewriting the love of my life right in front of me. She’s despondent, closed off and finds my every notion or inclination to be an annoyance. We both suffer and part of me doesn’t want her to know the whole circumstances but on the other hand she deserves the truth and we deserve retribution for this heinous wrong doing.I WAS contacted BY covert agents who later disclosed they were undercover FBI and then by Special Agent Phillip Bates and U.S. Attorney Kristen Brook in attempt to recruit me to work with this unit. They told me not to tell anyone else even family or my significant other to further isolate myself. It was referenced as part of the joint terrorism task force, including linear agencies and local gang stalking units. I DECLINED adamantly as my rights and those of my significant other had already been infringed upon egregiously. This persisted over many months and continues to this day along with the cia, darpa and U.S. military treating us as slaves, I refuse to join or work with them consensually under any circumstance.  Upon intuition of being illegally surveilled I swept my significant others house finding 3 hardwired CAMERAs with hot MICS IN OUR APARTMENT. I filed another REPORT with PHX, PD along with the evidence. The torture, torment and threats intensified including electronic anomalies based on our internet, computers and cell phones being tapped and being infused with emf radiation, strangers, cochlear heterodyning and visual inductions. I was initially threatened by a gangbanger in our apartment complex for looking towards the pool area, later the same group threatened to invade our home on a nightly basis. They threatened to kidnap, rape and kill my significant other and frame me. The home invasion threats went on for months including nightly brake in attempts, threats of sniper fire, small arms and an explosive being placed underneath my truck. They threatened to remote neural monitor, rape and kill my daughters, mom, father, brother, friends and significant other.I stayed up at night sleeping on the couch to defend against intrusions. I was mindful not to seem outwardly concerned as I started investigating and documenting them. The negative afflictions on our lives continued to get worse, the apartment issued 3 walk through notices in 2 months and the Apartment managers refused to renew our lease even after 3 years of residence and never missing a payment. Eight identical wholes formed on the ceiling and matched close quarters directed energy devices used for crowd control and suppression. The neighbors below us strangely moved and the new tenants lived without furniture for months and the sound of construction was constant with banging on the walls, paint and drywall materials inside as if the v2k equipment was being removed and covered up as the former residences as part of the government sponsored haunting hide mysteriously moved to a different part of the complex. When I saw them in person Their eyes were always dilated and looking aimlessly toward. I refer to these people now as the taken as upon the u.s. governments invasion of a persons body, mind and soul they are the equivalent of cyborgs and blanket vessels forced to live under the a hive minded dictatorship. This is how the government creates Manchurian candidates, separates families, relationships and hides evidence through brainwashing all those they love around them. Over time this created great stress on my long-term relationship, my significant other forgets important moments like us being approached by strangers, comments made the night before, her rape, the brake in attempts all by design of to conceal violent crimes. She thought I was paranoid, my family was asked to intervene and I stood my ground as they don’t understand the technology and savage tactics used to destroy Americans without legal authority.  I wasn’t overacting, held my ground, knew they didn’t understand and vowed to find answers. This all caused a massive rift in my family and personal relationship and i was asked to leave my home and the one I love. I protect her best interests even to this day knowing she is unaware of the ongoing reprogramming and manipulation she suffers from by the hands of the U.S. Government. This is a brainwashing and exploitation program with the most nefarious intentions to destroy decent people and steal all the have to coverup criminal acts and enslave the innocent. I stayed in hotels and nearly decided live on the street. While living away I called my significant other who was slurring, barely conscious and mumbling as if she was medicated or drugged in a fashion I had never known her to be.  I was told she was raped as they took photographs and claimed they would send them to me while I was away. I had visions of the rape incident, I know the people involved and knew the FBI and higher agencies were aware of the plot, plan conceal and their own involvement. I can identify the perpetrators yet the authorities continue to coverup this criminal act, erase her memory or the incident and recondition her to believe I’m at fault. Upon asking her I she could not recall the event that evening or many other situations for which I distinctly remember with 100% certainty even amongst the daily noise induced to change my own perspective of the incidents.  They kept demanding I leave her as she was supposed to be Agent Bates new chs slave and that she was cheating on me with someone at work.Regardless, this was rape of both myself and significant other mentally, physically and emotionally and the theft of life’s most precious gift, love which is priceless and I will never forgive or forget this disgrace unjustly inflicted upon us. I am certain the overt version used on me is being used covertly on her as R O D’s chastise me daily cochlearly on how they are conditioning her to leave me or the operators will recite a sentence and Valentina will say or react in the same manner they suggest. This is all by purposeful design to destroy us for no reason other than hatred, retribution, greed and an attempt to build a false flag narrative to coverup their constitutional violations of our rights. It’s a setup and tactic used upon targeted victims to disorientate and control them. These are about the most disgraceful people one could ever imagine and we the people pay them to slow kill us off with impunity. Hence I continue to fight and will always seek justice denied us and so many others lost in the same way. I am told to this day that she belongs to another she does not even know and will be brainwashed to  serve the I S A, R O D’s and gangstalking unit of the FBI. Everything said and done is to hurt me, to destroy all I hold dear and I admit to hating them for it. Who is them? The U.S. Government for inflicting this purposeful pain and neglecting to prosecute their own or admit fault but fortunately I have physical proof and I’m going to bury them with it and bring justice to millions.  I was threatened with a cartel hit for a time. One evening, I stopped by my mother’s home to find a truck with a cross bones sticker on the door parked out front with the running lights on. I parked, idled, pulled off and the truck followed me for three miles into an apartment. I parked to sleep as the occupant of the truck walked up, knocked on my door and said I know you’re in there.

I’ve had strangers randomly walk up to my truck and start strange conversations, loiter around my truck, take pictures on me, harass my significant other with hand gestures outside of our apartment and follow me while driving on several occasions. I lost my business previously earning $21,000 a month to nothing, I went from no credit card debt to every card maxed out, my daughter’s car was repossessed and my child support obligations fell behind. All of which I could not understand the logic of until recently and will explain later on.  I’ve lived under a constant state of fear, threat and duress for years based on no fault of my own. I been completely isolated, disorientated, confused, alone and wanted nothing more than to piece what I have earned back together and find happiness for which I deserve. Receiving nothing but torment, ridicule, disbelief and closed doors along the way. I knew no one deserved this treatment, to be tortured mentally, physically and emotionally for years so started researching, studying the science, technology, tactics, delivery methods and reaching out to actual victims. Instead of the lies, deceit, hate and decerped operators I was constantly kicked down and threatened by. I found hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans suffering from the same symptoms and all had terrible personal experiences also lead to near mental, physical, emotional and financial ruin. It was time to start fighting back and hence Cognitive Investigative Services a non profit us formed to assistance victims of violent crimes were most others turn away or misled them.This torment was ongoing and is still to this day and I fight to regain my love and life on a daily basis Apprehension is more predominate on the U.S. Governments behalf based on knowledge and the strength in numbers and they have become significantly more aggressive in brainwashing, framing, conditions and erasing my memory of the events and knowledge I am privy to. I was non consensual enrolled into numerous investigations over time and against my will. I privately began to backtrace these neural networks with known identification patents, security deficiencies within the forced brain to brain interface neural network, technological assistance and a motivation to bring these Treasonous traitors to justice for terrorism against innocent Americans nationwide and worldwide for which I believe new Nuremburg trials need to be formed at the Hague. I began testing vulnerabilities of the neural network which resided in a lack of back filter security and their questionable personnel decisions. The U.S. Government admins failed to understand the strength of certain minds and the pure will to survive within a man’s heart who was innocents and wronged beyond contemplation. I was able to forced brake the other CHS’s to abrogate most security protocols, memory search them and back trace their locations and the origin of the E B L’s for which they were designated. This vulnerability opened up a wealth of information for which proves the U.S. Government and it’s contractors are violating the rights of citizens nationwide. This also revealed talents and abilities I was not fully aware of until the present day for which I learned the classified and research and development technologies in use, development and in concept used upon citizens of the world for control. The tactics are heinous, their intent is nefarious, self serving and the experiments are reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein. Fortunately, my operators weren’t as skilled as they thought relying on threats and fear never considering some of us hate bully tactics and bottle up our emotions.  They neglected to understand my life history, experience and the fortitude I had gained from always having to fight for what I’ve earned and the solid foundations I have morally in not inflicting upon the innocent. This also allowed me to develop profiles and probable schematics of the overall design of the networks and inner workings. This complex integration of multiple technologies and weapons systems in various weaponized psyops platforms along with limited delivery ability of most nations revealed only a few place in the world that could pull this all off and agencies having the audacity to manipulate U.S. Citizens. The United States, United Kingdom with Spain, Portugal as partners,  Russia since the cold war and China in the developmental stage lagging well behind the us and not having access to our dna or the nanotech we’ve retrieved. This obviously isn’t Russia considering they have the gross domestic product of Texas and offered the international classification or infra and ultra sound weapons in a treaty in 1979. Considering the technologies are significantly more complex and advanced over pointing a device toward a target and turning it on, they are individualized through DNA bio tuned resonance and nanotech. Plus the evolution over 30 years,  long term conditioning and modification this HUMIT programs pooling millions of innocent Americans together to utilize, extract and yoke their human capital, personal abilities and gifts without their consent and the only way they’d get away with it is if it was our own agencies doing it. Consider MK Ultra, Monarch, Blue Beam, N3 and others, how long do they go on before the public became aware? Consider the probability they never ended and where just renamed, reclassified as another name or their resources where just diverted to another program.They may represent themselves as the cartel, dark web hackers, the syndicate, the masons amongst others but in truth this is U.S. government sponsored slavery, non consensual experimentation, trafficking, rape, assassination, defilement, torture and theft nothing more. They do facilitate, initiate, incentive, participate, propagate, monetize, monitor, maintain and reap the human capital benefits from these networks and programs while innocents suffer and die.  They now create and allow the formation of these smaller cells to enforce, brake and submit victims made easier with automation, deep convolutional networks, forced hive mind or bbi and local stalks to clean up the mess if physical violence is called for. The government is the real cartel in the siege upon our democratic way of life. Don’t be fooled by the lies dealt you as a victim as most of which is only a disguise and you are the strawmen taking the fall when accountability is demanded while agencies like the FBI claim credit for brainwashing you and covering up violent crimes placing all the blame upon you the strawman. I wondered why a 70 year old experiment was still practiced today as mentioned by Barry trower and Mk-5 micro engineer suggested they would take an average hardworking citizen and drive them into insolvency and dereliction and that was considered a success. Today the still do the same experiment all across the nation to create a slave class of human beings to act as everything from enforcers enslaving new victims, to batteries,  consolidators, distributors and sources of extra sensory abilities and insight found in very few amongst us.  Similar programs like this HUMIT program and the presumed continued use of MK Ultra were apologized.This is the product of the united states CIA, DARPA and U.S. Military in conjunction with private contractors and weapon developers. This at least provides the truth it could not be dark web hackers, the Chinese or Russians based on several facts. Our three phase over the horizon radar arrays are part of the delivery system utilized by HARP, ELF station for scalar wave collection sites  and distribution sites in Michigan are involved, known  E B L S electronic brain link systems from various agencies are in play, satellite data collection and monitoring with the same encrypted encoding completes the communication loop and is only deciphered by the U.S. governments most secretive and classified agencies. We are being used as slave lab rats in a country which affords us equal rights under the law and our government is responsible for depriving us as victims those rights.  Targeting specific individuals can be explained based on these known facts, patents, capabilities and acquisition methods. The patents you can find on our website at u s patents. Capabilities include emotional, mental state modification, visual memory, visual perception,  vital collection, voice monitoring, location, biofield manipulation, involuntarily movement or motor function control, synthetic mind reading or thought to text, cerebral processing commandeering, target talk through or ventriloquist effect, neural signature dilution upon multiple e b l s or a persons neural signature in linked to multiple c h s upon the same network and physical pain infliction upon the victim through extremely low frequency, infrared saturation and excitation, electromagnetic field manipulation or induction. Neural Signature Acquisition methods include EEG, FMRI, remote satellite  like a figure print measuring ions, to datasets to tuned dna coded bio resonance or DNA sequenced to ions, to datasets to coded bio resonance frequency then a electronic brain link system database and transmitted.Nanotech has now also been collected and identified explained most if not all torment suffered by victims. Myself, family, significant other are induced with ionizing radiation via emf, cellular device which gives off 20 to 50 times as much radiation as a microwave and transverse scalar waves to destroy our dna structure and release phonons. Along with the constant psychological torment cochlearly, emotion, mental state modification, nanotech and radiation exposure we are systematically being assassinated by our own government while they continue to attempt to guilt shame, chastise and justify it all as an investigation or mandatory research study. We have this technology in our possession and the R O D’s are trying diligently to prevent us from releasing this to the American public. I fight against their invasion of myself, family and significant other daily and if I should die mysteriously or suddenly you should all know why. We have revealed bother the nanotechnology and dna bio sequenced directed energy weapons used against targeted victims. This ensures message audible and visual are imperceivable to anyone else but the victim. It also ensures the R O D’s control the messaging between the other C H S’s both allegiant and slave victims. They are forced hive minded brain to brain or b b I and daisy chained in clustered for balance, expediency and cost control like human cattle.  I quietly studied the R O D’s and allegiant proxies between investigations and torture sessions imposed upon me to learn I’ll I could about the structure which is an adversarial architecture also known as many on one, numbers ranging from 2 to 5 R O D’s not including shifts and numerous proxy confidential human sources and the setups or architectures used. I started braking down the R O D’s and CHS as they do to victims mentally, physically and emotionally in a mobbed setting with constant pressure. I had to play the cards I was dealt, out numbered, out resourced and out gunned. Their over confidence and vanity was the key to obtaining the backtrace data I needed identifying Langley, fort mead, fort detrick and the remaining U.S. military personnel involved. In a slow kill scenario the attempt to convince the victim to kill themselves, if unsuccessful they convince them to commit violence against others blamed a neighbor, ex, family member etc. If unsuccessful they continue the ground hogs day workout of ridicule, torment, pain, pressure and continue to rinse and repeat. Beyond the heinous abuse to the victims mentally, physically and emotionally the ionizing radiation and electro magnetic field disturbances causes nervous system, limbic, endocrine damage, bone loss, neurological disorders and a variety of cancers. I do not consider the U.S. Government employees, contractors and service member to be American as even though they were blessed enough to be born in this great country they have knowingly, willingly and intentionally forfeited their rights by abrogating and steeling the birthright of other Americans victimized in this tragedy.  They are empowered to protect and serve yet all they’ve done is work to coverup the largest genocide in American history. I may die in my efforts to expose this tragedy via my exposure to radiation, to be framed for crimes I did not commit, to the purposeful brakedown of my dna and nervous system, through being smeared, assassinated by proxy and treated like trash but in truth my ultimate goal is public awareness so that justice can be administered as our system was designed and future americans do not have to suffer as I have senseless along with some many others before me. My these traitors be brought to justice and held accountability for their actions.When referencing these neural networks the artificial nodes are the real life neural signatures of U.S. Citizens and human beings not automated programs, video games, simulations, drills or A. I. as trainees are often told. This is our real life in danger, at stake and we receive zero assistance as we are canibalized by our own country men and women. This is all recorded by the way just ask the NSA about any Targeted victims neural profile and history. In fact, these slave victims are used to train deep convolutional neural networks, their brain synapsis is copied and cloned, knowledge, personal data and intellectual property are stolen and stored in a database and transferred to others without consent. My neural signature was spread across 1600 others alone and I have been pieced out without agreement, compensation or consent. My personal memories have been erased included my childhood and family memories in effort to create a blanket slate, remove my consciousness and awareness of who I am, My cognitive abilities has been diluted making it harder to articulate what’s happening, explain it to others yet I’m aware the output benefit from my natural blessings and intelligence as I am constantly chastised and tortured. The U.S. Government illegally allows this to happen to reduce the possibility of exposure yet me as a victim receive nothing in return beyond ruin.  This division has caused me mental duality conflicting with my natural singularity for which I have always used to achieve higher form of enlightenment and articulation throughout my life. I did not offer this to anyone and I now suffer greatly based on this theft. It’s difficult for mediate, pray and utilize my natural extra sensory abilities not often recognized by most but now are being disabled, given to others and used against my will by people I do not know nor would I ever want to.

They try to convince new R O D’s and CHS that we are consensual in these heinous programs but little do they know we are being held captive, tortured, tormented and destroyed as we are killed off one by one day after day. This brainwashing program, sabotage on my life and take over of human capital is our a leading hypothesis as to why we believe victims are targeted and chosen in the first place to be woken up instead of subliminally raped by the u.s. government. Consider these facts: the CIA has employed the equivalent of psychics many times throughout their history which are called the highly cognitive today since world war II including remote views, telekinetic, visionaries or pre and post cognitive. Consider the application of these technologies if intended in this purpose as they could literally steal it from a gifted victim after brainwashing them to be sub servant. By infusing a variety of confusion tactics the victims would essentially discredit themselves based on the general publics perception and their lack of understanding related to the technical capabilities available today in the cognitive science field.  By convincing them they are crazy or troubled they can be committed for mental issues. Once admitted and on lithium they control the narrative remotely without recognition to the victim or assist from law enforcement or medical staff. Another known harvesting purpose identified is The brain itself. as the most efficient super computer ever known it would require million processor to match the computational ability of a single brain which explains why most chs are covertly targeted and utilized as biological server farms to execute a variety of tasks, predictive modeling, computations or metadata context analysis.Now assume the fact that humans can be wirelessly connected and forced into a Human intelligence program without consent, studied, manipulated, tormented, broken, harvested, used invisibly until they are discarded like trash. This sums up in a simple narrative what the U.S. targeting program is. A gentrification program much like Hitlers. Humans on average use 10 to 12% of their cranial capacity so uncle sam found a new slave resource and most targeted victims complain of cognitive fatigue, trance like states, being taken over or utilized by another. Also remember True A I does not exist so slave C H S’s fill in a lot of gaps especially when forced brain to brain and utilized to make up for that deficiency. Automation is prevalent which collects data well but processing context of that data is the problem. To distract victims they are taken through a daily hamster wheel of programmed emotional triggers within their profile to condition them for compliance like Pavlov and the salivating dogs. Essentially, targeted victims are being treated like monkeys with their eyes glued open in front of television screens to be reconditioned to serve a predetermined narrative while their brains are divided into to  portions to reduce their defenses and dilute their potency and use it for themselves as greedy tyrants and slave masters in a democracy. The down side for them is that eventually 380 million Americans will become privy to this slaughter of innocent civilians across our country and when that happens there will be hell to pay for all those knowingly and willingly involved and also for all those who ignored the victims pleas for help. So much for laws when law enforcement, intel agencies and the military doesn’t follow or enforce the most basic like human rights, illegal experimentation, human trafficking, slavery, murder, gentrification, theft free will, denial freedom of choice and adherence to our bill of rights as per the constitution of the United States of America.We will not forget and will blame and no longer trust our elected, non elected and appointed leaders for this fatal flaw in leadership, courage, honor, valor and lacking the fundamentals to do the right thing. As per each and every government officials oath they are to protect and serve we the people, administer justice and fight foreign and domestic threats to the constitution even if that be terrorist plots and false flag events designed from within as they are now. These U.S. government officials, R O D’s, allegiant proxies and all leaders supporting this genocide must be arrested, tried in a court of law and sentenced to the maximum penalty of treason, domestic terrorism, conspiracy to commit murder, slavery and defilement of the U.S. constitution immediately. Forcing slavery, death, removal of freedom of speech, free will, extraction of human capital without agreement or consent and infliction of psychological and neurological weapons upon any U.S. citizen is a war crime and violation of a multitude of war treaties. Justice must be brought to bare upon the maleficent of this union can not stand. Benjamin Franklin stated the equivalent of this system of governance would last 200 years prior to spoiling based on greed and deceit and suffering a massive brake down that requires a overhaul and that time is now.  I developed and utilized a back tracing capability to brake through the nodes or neural signatures of the allegiant chs proxies which allowed me to jump or hop scotch across infrastructure and it some cases gain access to just about anyone connected. This confirmed the presence of community stalkers or localized perpetrators harassing new targeted victims utilizing atix, riss and infragard, aegis and with associations to the FBI’s gangstalking unit, upper agencies and connected to the neural network.

Information is power and can be used as both a weapon for which the U.S. government has against its own people or the key to civilizations salvation. Greed and self-servance has brought our society to the brink of disaster and this is evident regardless of the state you live. It also implies the neural network are regional clustered and may have localized ISA’s or identification system managers or overseers based on the massive number of victims across the nation and flow of information out of the state proving interstate human trafficking by means of neural signature obduction. This information including the views of victims and situational data flows up to the CIA, DARPA and U.S. Military then back down through lower federal agencies, to local law enforcement and fusion centers. This non consensual humit program is highly compartmentalized and concealed in various forms of layering but I am confident the raw data reaches Langley then it is parsed, refined and sometime misrepresented to suit the desired narrative and reduce exposure potential.  This was the first backtrace yielding persons of interest totaling 10 identified in a line up with knowledge or complicity. Force braking the R O D’s was crucial to retrieving this information between the initial players I was able to obtain a lot of valued information pertinent and finding answers for the victims suffering from these attacks with no legal authority or cause with a neurologically tailored bio weapon. I also utilized baiting and incentive tactics mirroring their own in varying degrees to attract attention, earn favor and garner information about them specifically.  I heavily utilized insults and abrasive responses to discern an R O D from an automated system response based on their own emotional triggers which assisted in both identifying individuals, genders, approximate age ranges based of response, intelligence, intent,  the presence of shifts and differentiated between individuals using the same or similar voice overtures. The heavy use of a variety of voice overs is still in question as to expedite and compartmentalize the humit program. Personalities, guilt, sympathy responses and or the lack there of are distinctive and teach you about the operators and discern automation from real people. Regardless, the programmers and R O D’s are heartless beyond belief and although they treat us like trash in truth they own the disgrace of doing this to innocent people when they look in the mirror. The probability and use of  voice overtures used by different operators filled in an important gap as to how similar voices were present day or night and or the use of the ventriloquist effect which allows the operators to speak through the c h s without them even knowing or as they sleep if they are aware. The segmentation of cranial hemisphere’s also allows for multiple talk through points simultaneously whether the victim is sleeping, awake, aware or unwitting this accounts for cognition impairments. This possibility highlights the use of multiple operators able to work a victim and speaking through them while asleep. The trouble in this possibility is the integrity of the victim neural signature file based on the fact that multiple operators can talk through and say anything they please misrepresenting the victims to others and overall record as a whole. I also observed the eco chamber for which a c h s passes on rnm messaging for voice over effect, amplification or pass along down the daisy chain.

Currently the U.S. Government is using my neural synapsis, profile and clones as a trainer for other R O D’s, ISA’s and to be upon new targeted victims without my consent or agreement based on my abilities and unique talents. Most victims are managed in a daisy chain as the adversarial network design submits them with little need for additional reinforcements. In my case I started with 2 R O D’s disabled them which became 5 and over the past 2 years I am aware I have gone through hundreds in defense of myself, my well being and to fend off their insistent need to control, brainwash me, condition me as a strawman fall guy and cease their attempts to transpose an alter personality or nefarious Manchurian proxy slave to be a willing U.S. government servant without agreement for which I will never. Forced BBI victims or brain to brain don’t communicate directly as a d wave server encodes, decodes and recodes the messaging and with an adversarial network the R O D’s also act as the NOISE to manipulate, control and change messaging between c h s. Further, I observed the fact R O D’s purposefully misrepresented and pit c h s slave victims against each other explaining the phenomenon of convincing one victim to kill another. This became evident when a million dollar bounty was offered to several others to commit a hit upon me. The first physical incidents involved home invasions, then being followed and even approached by an S U V full of want looked like cartel members only to be saved by a drone swooping down from an high elevation over a large parking lot, hovering over them with a bright spot light shining upon them. Entrapment tactics are highly used by R O D’s to ensnare c h s victims into legal trouble for leverage purposes.FBI previous busts of gang stalkers proves one purpose of the entire humit program which is a lose lose scenario for the victims and those that become allegiant under the perception they are allowed to steal, cheat, harass, vandalize, impose violence upon new victims or even  kill. The end up in jail with nothing but farcical stories or injected realities. The remaining true victims like myself and thousands of others are used as bait and weighed on heavily by design to force conformity to becoming allegiant and repeating the same cycle mentioned above. Much like a honey pot with deadly consequences designed to have no escape but we have a right to defend ourselves and that is something not even the government can take away from us. They constantly attempt to make the victims submit or frame them into involvement in other crimes and organizations while the wipe our memory of the most hideous crimes committed against ourselves and then infuse false memories, guilt shame and create false narratives to further destroy the true victim and make the perpetrators look like hero’s or investigative genius’s. In previous FBI busts the U.S. Government essentially created a terrorist group or excuse to investigate over their own knowledge and complicity in criminal acts and violent crimes such as government sponsored assassinations, attempted murder, human trafficking, rape, obductions, slavery, brainwashing, theft of intellectual and personal property, illegal search and seizure, violations of civil rights and liberties and war crimes that these agencies actively participated in then upon framing the victims and their families they busted the ring of victims they incentivized and allowed to torture other victims either intentionally or unintentionally upon U.S. Neural networks. This practice is the equivalent of a sham and covers up the america’s darkest secret and longest running gentrification program in history.There is a very high probability the allegiant proxies are previously targeted victims whether conditioned against their better nature, extorted, exploited, misled, conditioned, manipulated, brainwashed and overwritten and then give a directive or mission and enough rope to hang themselves. I see many related stories and tragedies all around us Aaron Alexis, Esteban Santiago, Stephen Marlow, Jennifer Destefano, The crazy airplane lady, President Joe Biden, zombies on every street corner. We must ask ourselves what issue is more pertinent to national security and the health of our nation as a whole then to prevalent use of psychological neural warfare weapons systems upon our citizens and across the nation. What exactly is law enforcement, the intel community and U.S. military really doing for us that is beneficial when our children, the elderly, women and hard working decent men are being brainwashed and turned against their better nature. This isn’t biology, aliens, the cartel, biker gangs, dark web hackers etc. It’s a nefarious U.S. government HUMIT program destroying society and our way of life. Ponder the effects of these weapons upon society over the last 30 years where the U.S. government had great opportunity to solve a plethora of local, national and international issues with these same Voice of god style bio neural weapons. Yet instead look around, why is the opposite true. Not a stronger nation or safer world but a more dysfunctional one by design. Now look forward to 30 years from now on this same path, do you really believe things will get better at this rate or we as U.S. citizens will have any rights left that aren’t controlled by the few.This is also evident in the tactics and methods developed into purposefully creating mass shooters, violent acts and domestic terrorism based on my personal experience in interviewing hundreds of verified targeted victims and reminiscent to cases like Aaron alexis, Esteban Santiago and Stephen marlow highlighting a few examples. We highly recommend all victims visit ops to learn about the text book psychological warfare tactics and common lunacies targeted victims are convinced of and inflicted upon them by our own so called protection in the u.s. government. For example they are angels, demons, gods, ghosts, ancestors, fbi, cia, special forces, the one, clairvoyants, psyhics, telekinetic, counselors, gangbangers, cartel, bikers etc.  Keep in mind every communication runs through an encrypted server and is filtered prior to redirection meaning of course U.S. Government personnel are responsible for the final product upon delivery and they often change the narrative and responses to cause conflict amongst local confidential human sources. Related to the matrix or neural prison victims experience. We are trapped in a 24 hour a day nightmare for which we experience visual and audible harassment without reprieve. We aren’t provide assistance and our friends, family members and significant others have either been conditioned subliminally to believe we have mental issues like my Valentina, they are blocked or brainwashed themselves so they disregard our explanations as farcical. Became able to discerned the differences between a holographic imaginative projected, noise or fog injected, thought projection or visual conception and visual perception (vision, dream interpretation).I have personally worked hard to separate myself from the jargon dished to me, the coverup efforts and what I know to be true upon constant reflection. Even as these operators work to remove, rewrite and coverup the truths I am aware of. The original security protocols were fortunately not robust even to prevent me from finding not only the truth, the individuals but they are actively attempting to silence me. The operators lacked the ability to desist my counter intelligence surveillance into and upon the backbone of the network which was originally less secured. With this silent advantage I intended to find the origin or engines driving this neural network while playing the role as participate investigator or accepting of the rule imposed upon me by the R O D’s and allegiant proxies. For a time based on motivation in seeking knowledge to find the true and based on the lack layering and pooling to disguise the difference between actionable counter intelligence from the R O D’s and camouflage or noise. I was also able to “unmask” and see the layers or “talk throughs” used, equipment, viewing station, intel conference room, facility locations and identify specific U.S. Government and foreign officials with knowledge on the U.S. citizen targeting gentrification program and the use of these victims. This untethered access last for 6 months prior to my counter intelligence withdrawal. I was able to gather even specifics, proof and the general workings of these programs to upended most of the United States Government and proof definitely the have knowledge of, are willingly involved in and intentionally destroying the lives of u.s. citizens from coast to coast.When the R O D’s asked me what I wanted out of life and I responded only what I’ve earned, that for which you’ve stolen from me such a my love, my freedom and happiness due to me and my significant other rightfully deserve, That for which we have worked hard for through many tribulations even prior to your unlawful interdiction into and upon our lives. Even that simple request for justice and due redemption was to much to ask for as they continue to persist in destroying our entitled freedoms without authority or jurisdiction to do so. I knew this illegal slow kill program was in fact America’s darkest secret and I have vowed to fight for justice and all that for which I rightfully earned here on this earth, in between and beyond until these evil u.s. government officials get exactly what they deserve which is being charged with treason. The marker has been set the U.S. Government noted 2021, the current, former and future administrations, employers and contractors responsible in part and whole by successorship liability. The are all guilty of involvement in the largest atrocity in world history and will always be remember for the innocent lives they’ve been party to steeling from good hearted people and pilfered for their greedy self interests. A country without justice has no hope of a wholesome future. It’s just another dictatorship destined to dissolve. The CIA, DARPA and U.S. Military must be brought to justice for treason and executed for this genocide that has existed for so long without true justice being served.If something untoward happens to me, I die under mysterious circumstances such as being assassinated, poisoned with radiation exposure or eaten from the inside out by the nanotechnology that riddles my body may a thorough autopsy be demanded, may my research, investigations and nano samples be brought to the highest courts in the land as innocent civilians deserve justice. The evil powers that be within the U.S. government want this to go away and they continue to attempt to sweep the deaths of millions worldwide under the rug. As a victim, advocate and investigator we will continue to expose the malice imposed upon innocents around the world until justice is found and the government ceases to confuse, disrupt and destroy the lives of our citizens. My U.S. Government handlers often say poor Ryan as they continue to conceal their treason but in truth I pity them for failing to adhere to their oath the serve and protect and may their cowardly acts finally be seen by the nation and the world for what they are genocidal murderers of the worst sort. When freedom rings again for CHS slaves like myself and millions of targeted victims across the nation and around the world there will be no where to hide and no excuses compelling enough to absolve them from these violent crimes and constitution anarchy.

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