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Apperehsion or Top Secret "Shadow Suit"?

Revealing Truth
Spirit or Shadow Suit?

Upon receiving a "full length" color video shot on an Iphone 14 our contributor requested us to investigate and derive our opinion. We analyzed the original video, cut it into slowed down scenes and admittedly we can not conclude as to whether it is in fact a "Ghost" or man wearing a Top-Secret "Shadow Suit". We will say after analyzing each frame this was not manipulated or made with Premier.

We can not debunk either possibility but will say the original video was not shot in therma or night vision. The perspective from the patio including the vehicles & background  being normal "visually speaking" the strange figures (We noticed multiple but only highlight the most distinctive in a RED CIRCLE) that's obviously walking. Take your time and derive your own conclusion. 

Another DARPA is known to being working on projection based camoufalge on vehicles, aircraft and for special ops its tough to determine here. On the other hand, this contributor definitely caught something unusual and rarely captured on video. So if it is a Ghost then "Cheers" to them and I'll be going to church more often. Regardless, we will stay nuetral on this determination. 

Figures Marked
Figures UnMarked
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