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DARPA'S N3 Nano Tech, Microbes & Fungal

COGNITIVE INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES PRESENTS proof of Darpa's N3 program found in the blood and biopsy sample of TI Victims. These strange and microscope nanites, vessels, objects and particles are literally visible under a 300,000x microscope. CISTECH does not create videos or animations. These video's are 100% authenticate from TI Victims exams and lab results. We have been successful in identifying and compartmentalizing this technology. It is no longer pseudo science or fiction: these technologies are being used on the U.S. population at large. So why wait? We welcome your input and requests for republication, reproduction and redistribution which will all be made by express written consent only and notarized contract with CIS (only). All other attempts are strictly prohibited and in violated of U.S. Copy written, intellectual and personal proerty laws.

This video amazing shows nanites and what seems to be vessel emitting light and moving. Forgive the camera's often "jerky" movements as the examiner was using a electron microscope at 300,000x magnification. Clearly these nano particles are assembled, intelligent in design, serving a purpose, charged and working within the body of a human being and victim after a tissue biopsy was completed. The victim never enrolled in a medical study, gain of research project or is associated with the U.S. Government in any capacity. Why is it inside his body?

This video amazing shows moving nanites about 4 minutes is "round" and emitting a white light around the edges. They a caught following the electron microscope at certain times. Please keep in mind this nano technology is microscopic and very difficult to find so forgive the "jerking" nature of the video in sections. CISTECH DOES NOT animate or create videos we post them. Amazing images with an intelligent design and organized in their attempts to follow the microscope. Why are they with the human body of TI Victim RPM? They should not be.

Same TI Victim (RPM) with what crystalline formations growing from his body also medically referred to as Morgellons disease which is a rare and poorly understood condition that causes chronic skin wounds that can contain black, white, red, or blue fibers. People with Morgellons disease report a wide range of symptoms, including crawling sensations in their skin, joint and muscle pain, and memory problems. Many Doctor's and experts believe this to be Nano technology. Many experts are also relating these issue in TI Victims to "blood clotting" issues with those who received a COVID 19 shot. The PEG's and bio mesh polymer used is like a highly conductive plastic within the human body. These explains the of often called by victims "V2K" (which is really RNM with a victims neural signature or bio coded DNA resonance frequency) allowing them to communication on an audio or neural basis with RNN (recurrent neural networks) of "gangstalker" which are in fact a modular design "hostile" architecture (one on many) of a combination of automation, DCNN's (Deep convolutional neural networks in training) and human beings (U.S. Government Officials).

N3 uses microbes like Tardigrades within willing subjects and "unwilling" victims for a variety of reasons including cellular improvement and resilience to radiation and diseases. Other microbes can be extremely negative for the victim to include degradation and cellular mutation.  

N3 is rumored to use fungal capsules in experimentation and field testing of willing subject and "unwilling" victim'ss like this TI victim for which a  fungal capsule microscopically marked "18" was found in a "self examination kit" and is clearly visible under a 50,000x microscope. 

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