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ET TECH or Unknown TECH? 

Remember So Called Magic or Mystical things were often a misunderstanding of technology

CIS has obtained exclusive footage of Alien Nano Vessels and exclusively publishes these findings being the sole owner of the content.


Human Harvesting - Nano Extraction

This video highlights the process electro static self formation nano structures form within the human body of a targeted victim and extract resources. (Phonons, DNA etc). The charged nano formations on the skins surface show a "pooling" of an oily substance often called "life force". This substance resonates a multitude of colors and emits energy. Phonons and telomere regeneration and replacement are thought to be the "fountain of youth" as aging telomere fail to replicate like younger versions we age. By reversing this process we theoretically reverse the aging process entirely.


The U.S. Government Fails To Protect

Victims across the country have become "overwhelmed" or "taken" by a strange and alien like experience that starts with illegal RNM and gangstalking then later upon complete demoralization of the victim they start contracting "Alien" like emotionless traits and find anomalies all over their bodies. The U.S. Govt doesn't assist although they know it's happening. Instead they help the process unfold and promote totalitarian like values by allowed teams of operators to communicate through victims to Alien contacts, scalp victims for alien materials and let the victim suffer in complete agony and torment. Are we really that afraid of Aliens? We ask this because some human beings naturally know how to kick their asses. Don't believe me, ask TI victim Ryan Michell. 


ALIEN TAKE OVER or Proof of unknown previous nano tech? We think it's nano tech hidden away from the general public's eye.

The video shows organized and intelligent  nanites that are charged and emitting energy in litany of colors. Their true purpose and directive is still yet to be known but based on the U.S. Govt's "lack of response", rape coverups and utilization of the NSA, CIA, FBI, DOJ and U.S. Military to suppress victims and "erase" the witnesses. We are convinced it is either a mutiny in cooperation with the enemy to take over our democracy or a sophisticated cover up story to protect Illegal Humit programs, 20 years of genocide and "friends" or coworkers mistakes like that of a "good ole boy" system. The bottom line is U.S. Citizens are dying, being poisoned, tortured, raped, brainwashed, exploited, extorted, threatened with malicious prosecution AND THIS CAN NOT STAND. The U.S. Govt needs to stop protecting criminals within our government and their heinous actions and lack of action. Prosecute the U.S. Govt "rapist killers" should be our priority.


ALIEN of Unknown Nano Tech - We've gathered it's unknown Nano Tech killing U.S. Citizens

Alien Biome - This is a tissue biopsy highlighting and showing charged nano particles in various shapes, sizes and designs. Take a close look at the way they move, organize themselves and the color variations.


Nano Mesh Captured Reveals Charged Particles and Holograms - This explains TI perceptions

The U.S. Government didn't do it's homework when establishing the "targeting program" and have allowed IDIOTS to simply take over our neural networks and allow TI Victims to be enslaved right in front of the publics face. See the unique and holograms forming inside the bag. Much like formations upon victims skin also unknown as MICROTOUCH. Does it surprise you that the FBI, DOJ covers it up and the DOD, CIA and DARPA just sit back and watch U.S. Citizens become the "Taken" instead of providing help. This also includes service members "just left on the battlefield and front line of infiltration to die and rot". Sounds like treason and a War Crime upon humanity to us.


Space Nano Tech or Darpa Mind Games?

ET's use similar materials and nano technology to that of DARPA's N3 program such as Plasma or crystalline nano gel dispensed by FEMONANO Plasma Lasers. Few people realize the existence of 100% Plasma beings that were previously biological and transcended, transferred or transformed into plasma beings (think of spirits or ghosts made of plasma). Some reflect upon the transfer or transformation humans go through when we pass away - energy which is the basis of our souls and the essence of our being doesn't disappear it merely changes form. Think it over - do we really die or just move on to the next stop on a universal super highway?


Soul Snaring Serpent "The Cobra"

Found upon targeted victims skin as with Ryan Michell is a greenish-blue semi translucent snake looking creature that has been observed working in conjunction with N3 Nano gel, string and fiber although it is not thought to be a Darpa genetically designed microbe neuro weapon but something from beyond our planet. It is also thought to mark hybrids of the alien species the "Reptilians". Some targeted victims claim to be brainwashed and forced into communistic factions as "Slaves" having "Masters" that dictate their lives and every action.


BIO WARFARE disguised as alien tech

Don't be confused by the video provided. This is war dispensed upon U.S. Citizens not an alien invasion.


ALIEN TAKE OVER or proof the U.S. Govt is actively concealing illegal human experimentation, a HUMIT Program and hiding technology that's killing U.S. Citizens.

BIO Warfare and Gain of function research including the use of DNA Scalar manipulation is on display as this victim's video clearly shows strange Non-natural formations all over his skin.


ALIEN BIOME or Darpa's N3 Genetically Altered Microbes? We believe these are microbes...

This Biome sample of tissue and blood prove presence of foriegn entities and microbes that are not identifiable and emit light and visual imagery onto the victim related to ETs.

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