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EX NSA employee reveals she is not only a TI Victim but explains she worked on similar targeting programs for the NSA itself. She explains some of the devices used to torment and torture TI victims that cause brain damage, tissue damage and extreme pain. She also touches on the use of heterodyning causing auditory effects upon the victims including tinnitus, noise and communications often referred to as V2K in the TI community. This is one of the most compeling admissions and interviews publicized in sometime on the subject of illegally targeting U.S. Citizens for experimentation and "gaslighting" purposes. Her admissions further confirm the unconstitutional nature of these targeting programs and the abuses that are on going. In fact, the use of these programs isn't preventing terrorism: in itself it is an act of terrorism and creates dismay and discord across the nation. We rarely if ever see a positive result from these programs as they are instead used as a "power grab or play" to extort, exploit and torment vulnerable populations. 

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