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FBI and Congress Mislead Jennifer DeStefano

Recently, a ransom victim from Scottsdale, AZ by the name of Jennifer DeStefano testified in front of congress highlighting the dangers of AI and urged congress to regulate the industry. Here's how the FBI lied to this victim blaming Dark web hackers and how congress is lying to the American public and holding closed door hearings to assist in the coverup. First and foremost a brief background on the victim. While at a dance studio she received an anonymous phone call from a thug who had kidnapped her daughter demanding ransom money for her return or he’d rape the young girl and leave her in Mexico. In the background, this poor mother heard her daughter screaming and crying for help. Terrified the mother called 911 to report the issue and fortunately found out that her daughter was fine and with her father on a skiing trip. Our deepest sympathies go out to her as a victim and parent of this nightmare scenario. The issue we raise is that the FBI is not being completely honest with her and have over simplified and much bigger issue happening to many others not only within Arizona but also nationally. We seek the truth and represent many Targeted Individuals with the very same experience within Arizona and abroad without being heard by the FBI or getting the opportunity to speak in front of congress. Several of our victims received similar calls in the phoenix area, reported them to 911 and the FBI without any outreach what so ever, we obviously wonder why this is considering more innocents have been threatened and victimized. This is because they are also being gang stalked by the FBI’s covert unit they disguise as a surveillance method.

The FBI facilitates and essentially condones these threatening calls by use of their proxy unsanctioned agitators also know as community stalkers utilizing ATick & RISS.  Unfortunately, for the targeted victim this is generally just the beginning of years of torture and torment all said to be necessary for investigation and national security purposes. We adamantly disagree being that is absolutely cruel and unusual punishment. Any other justifications are just nonsense. Let’s address the FBIs explanation of this incident. Apparently, Some dark web hackers utilized AI software to replicate her daughters exact voice then called the mother and left no trace. To most Americans that sounds plausible if they believe the FBI actually represents the peoples best interest over concealing their own but lets consider the actual details. #1 Why would a random middle class family be targeted to demand 1 million dollars in ransom money that they don’t have instead of the hacker’s targeting a rich family for which consumer income data is easy to obtain. Frankly why would they waste the time and resources for such a low probability score with all that amazing A I technology and computer experience? #2 How did the perpetrators obtain the daughters exact voice and record enough to replicate a complete profile? Did they hack into cell phone provider, monitor and record the daughters phone calls then decide to call the targeted mother when the daughter was coincidently on a skiing trip, unlikely indeed? How did they in fact obtain the mother’s cell phone number, truth finder, probably not? # 3 Why was the perpetrator never caught via a simple trace of the Voice over I P phone number used to make the threat or the device used locating based on the GSM? The answer to all of the above quandaries is that the FBI’s explanation makes little particular sense when assessing the actual details although most media agencies ran the dark web stalker explanation hook, line and sinker.

 Not only is it implausible we know thousands of innocents added to the TDSB/NIS Code 3 & 4 list are in fact targeted in the very same fashion. For example the FBI uses a technology called stingray which is hidden in vans and acts as a mini cell tower relay to intercept cell calls then redirect them back and forth to the nearest cell tower. They also utilize Voice to skull & Voice monitoring software allowing recordings to be synthesized into a similar likeness of targeted victims friends and family members. This can then be used to make threatening calls like many victims have reported. Frankly this is government technology at play without a doubt. We have a sneaky suspicion Jennifer DeStefano is also being targeted by the FBI and or other agencies as they lie about the true origin. Congress also lying to the American people claiming the same fallacy to merely cover up inappropriate and illegal surveillance methods, means and tactics by holding closed door meetings is another subject entirely we will address another time. Let’s just say, the use of these invasive surveillance methods, tactics and means have been hidden from the American public for 50 years and any admission of said misuse or abuse would bring immediate validity to the claims of millions of Americans nationwide who have begging the U.S. Government for help without assistance of any kind. This must end as innocent American’s should not be tortured at all, under any circumstance as don’t to the same to those convicted of capital punishment and sentenced to death. Nor should Americans subjected to perpetual and never ending investigations justifications only to be threatened with malicious prosecution under distress. In the united states these technologies and tactics are used under these justifications as national security matter without indictment, conviction, due process or any recourse of the victims. Join our class action lawsuit today at CIS and lets put an end to this lunacy. Mrs. DeStefano deserves better as do the thousands of victims still suffering from ongoing harassment and psychological torture.

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