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Parapsychology or PSYOPS?



GANGSTALKING home invasion case yielding proof of external Team covering up assault and constitutional violations of the TI Victims rights. (Strange Figures Caught On Security Cameras), Who are these figures and actors caught of video in a Frame by Frame analysis? The tenants don't know them so who might they be?  Gangstalking and Cochlear Mechanic Technologies released upon NON Consenting U.S. Citizens is  terrorism, promotes rape, extortion, exploitation, intimidation and retaliation often covered up with TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) or electro shock brainwashing via Darpa's N3 minimally invasive and non surgical Nano technologies. In this case a  FBI & CIA - Clean Up team was caught in progress of disguising illegal use of invasive PSYOPS weapons unleashed upon a couple in Phx, AZ . The photographs below where obtained from a security camera within a Targeted Victim's apartment with his girlfriend. When analyzed "Frame by Frame" the rape cover up video revealed numerous "Allegiant" Proxy Community Stalkers, members or Covert FBI "Gangstalking Unit" agents and a CIA clean up team literally recreating video to justify their operation, conceal evidence and groom the victims. The boyfriend in this case was mislabel and "gaslighted" as a drug addict simply hallucinating while the girlfriend a registered nurse was "subconsciously" manipulated and groomed by rapist in the U.S. Government. She was driven to brake up with the boyfriend and began dating others including a DHS worker.  This series of videos proved intentional perversion regarding disgusting photos of a victim being strangled and raped. The multitude of images and actors show "pooling" of images or layering of numerous images to conceal the perpetrators and intentional "victim shame" the victim. These series of "Doctored" videos proves the FBI's "Los Carpetas" style behavior in siding with criminals instead of protecting victims. The DOJ's involvement in this crime and coverup proves obstruction of justice to conceal violent crimes, human trafficking and allowance of "grooming" tactics to disguise the criminal behavior of U.S. Government employees and contractors acting in an official capacity. This investigation and evidence legitimizes millions of U.S. Citizens and Targeted Victims complaints of rape, stalking and assault both physically and electronically via hardware and Darpa N3 Nano technology. Specifically the used of crystalline nano gel, mesh, net, tubulars and string to "remotely" induce physical sexual assaults upon male and female victims with little attribution, trace evidence and knowledge of the technology. This nano technology explained the "micro touch" sensations felt by targeted victims.

Strange Figures 1

A neighborhood normally quiet at 3:30am comes to life with strange apprehensions.


Nano Plasma Mesh Demo

Supernatural meets quantum physics. This demonstration shows how unusual happenings go on around us all the time. The world is full of strange oddities. 


Strange Visitor to Home

This video shows an unknown person walking into a residential garage late a night. The question is "who is this stranger" and as it turns out this visitor is an apprehension.


Nano String Take Over

The plasma nano phenom is said to be a plague in the making as it reproduces with the induction of EMF and grows within the victims blood vessels, tissue and organs. It is said that many civilizations have come to an end by this very plague. Magellon's or just a diagnosis for NANOTOXICITY. These substances and nano particles DO NOT EXIST Naturally in the Human Body.


Charged Nanite Cluster

The following video highlights charged nanite clusters seen in multiple configurations and moving in unison. 



We all know what orbs signify and this witness seems to be surrounded by them as the glide across his garage as an intelligent and uniform fashion. Sometimes in unison.


Nano Plasma Mesh relieves oddities

Ghost and spirit hunters alike are always looking for tools to improve their odd of witnessing those from the "after life" and catching it all on video. We've proven nano plasma mesh does exactly that by capturing the "essence" of spirits and holding them for viewing purposes. What is this stuff? Does the existence explain TI victims witness testimony of electrocution, holograms and even being raped?


Why Do We Keep Finding This Nano Tech In TI Victim's Blood & Tissue? Call Ryan @ 602-769-0036 and get tested. You deserve proof the U.S. Govt is Targeting You... We can extract this from you.

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