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POTUS Under Distress "The Truth"

During a previous investigation and infilitrated an illegal Recurrent Neural Network we back traced the ROD and ISA Remote Neural Monitoring President Joe Biden to former CiA Director Brennen. The issue being the President seems Cognitively impaired and these issue is obvious to most. 

Dazed & Confused

Many have reported on or mentioned President Joe Biden cognitive state but to date no one else as offered this strong possibility. When investigating a "gangstalking" victim and infilitrating the RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) in use the path lead us to POTUS and surprisingly enough during the back trace we found he is being Remote Neural Monitored by a company owned by former Director Brennen. This is a troublesome fact for those who understand how RNN's can hinder and benefit the targeted subject on the "output" end of the network.

The following possibilities exist: If he's the "input" end he's been "spied on". If he's on the "Output" end he's either not benefiting from the nodes (or people) connected or he's intentional being confused, distracted, fatigued and "tanked". The network design is all important is it's a "modular" rnn one might think he'd be full of energy, have incredible clarity and his speeches would be flawless. Remember him saying during a speech "They won't let me do that or turn to hand shake the air"? This proves he's been Remote Neural Monitored "No Chip required" but is it the good stuff - NO Way...

Either Brennen's talent pool is on the "shallow end of a kiddie pool" or POTUS is being sabotaged by a former rival. We are positive of at least the fact that the President's current advisor are close to legally retarded considered the wreck our nation is currently in so it isn't surprising to them accepting the first offer or our Intelligence Agencies aren't doing their jobs including the Security Service. We called the Secret Service and the response was "that's outside of our scope". Our response was "You don't protect the President of the United States"? Wait and see someday Americans will thank us for revealing this tradegy. 

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