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This is a offering for nanite samples for the purpose of study, research and evidence in Targeted Victim litigation. If you have any questions or require more information please contact us directly at 602-769-0036. 


Lot Size: 5-10


This item will be provided in a sealed and santized container. It is not recommended that it be opened or breached without knowledge and experience in handling this item. Item owner/Targeted Victim: Ryan Michell transfers ownership rights to item only, not rights to reuse, resale, redistribute, repurpose or abrogation to patent rights

Nanites (Sample)

  • These are original discharged nanites collected from a targeted victim and offered for collection, study, research or evidence or existance in future court litigation. Targeted Victim: Ryan Michell transfers right of ownership (only), not patent rights to purchaser or permission to duplicate, reuse, resale or repurpose. 

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