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Psycho Ops Experience

Welcome to the “Psycho Ops Experience” created in attempt to make Targeted Victims aware of the tactics used and assist the victims family and law enforcement in understanding their suffrage.  Millions of US Citizens and many more around the world are subjugated to Military Grade “Directed Energy Weapons” via resonant frequencies  to torture, torment and experiment upon the victim. These weapons are invisible to the naked eye and either distributed by satellite,  fusion center, cell towers and Wi-Fi over populations or targeted specifically to an individual victim through a recurrent neural network using their unique brain signature.


This “Cruel & Unusual Punishment” without indictment or due process is happening right now in the greatest country in the world. Each segment will outline different tactics so please try to see this from the victims perspective while understanding they can not turn this off as they are bombarded twenty four seven with audible messaging using V2k Voice to Skull technologies and infused with delusions over their visual cortex using Remote Neural Monitoring software. We realize this technology and hideous application seems like science fiction but make no mistake this is in fact a reality. You are also directly and or indirectly effected by these weapons with or without your knowledge. This is created and produced by Cognitive Investigative Services found at


Please listen to the following in full then imagine hearing this perpetually 365 days a year without end. We consider this psychological torture to be a weapon of mass destruction and war crime against humanity. Thank you for reflecting upon the torment of innocent civilians inflicted by the U.S. government either through their dereliction of duty to serve and protect, negligence or knowing capitulation in the largest conspiracy and genocide in world history. Regardless, they are responsible for our protection and have failed us all...

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