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CIA Secret Prison called "THE MATRIX" ensnaring U.S. Citizens


Welcome to the NEW "American Dream" courtesy of the CIA, DARPA and in conjunction with the U.S. Military. In reality, this is in fact NO DREAM at all more like "Hell On Earth" where you have no privacy, no civil liberties, no rights, no happiness and your future is predetermined much like totalitarian dictatorships. The construct is called "The Matrix" after the movie or before (either or) and it is not fiction. Unfortunate victims go to sleep one night and wake up the next day hearing mysterious voices, seeing 2D holograms and are surrounded by avatars when they close their eyes in virtual confinement. A new reality emerges they can not escape for which every thought is read instantly via "thought to text" transfer, everything the victim see or visualizes is logged and viewed by a comm center ROD behing an HMI touchscreen. Every memory the victim has is stolen, manipulated and erased. Every insecurity is scrutinized by a team of malicious operators "hell bent" on destroying the victim. They are urged to commit suicide, create false flag events, threatened with death, rape, assault and malicious prosecution. They are inevitably trafficked both within the virtual prison and physically as slaves to the U.S. Government all without DUE PROCESS, CONSENT, CONVICTION or legal authority.


The victims are all U.S. Citizens of varying ages ranging from 9 years old to 75 year old. All from different backgrounds from felon, to students, to soccer moms, to civil rights activists. Their commonalities generally include highly intelligent, creative, advanced problem solving skills, critical thinkers, ADHD and exposure to the cruelty from of unusual punishment known to mankind. They're entire lives are "turned inside out" for little known reasons as a whole. Some are induced with the "Slow Kill" Voice of God treatment for which they are ridiculed, chastised and tortured mentally, physically and emotionally 24 hours a day for years on end until the die from heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, cancer, neurologic disorders, suicide, arranged assassinations or drug overdoses - ALL is public view. From the exterior they seem free in internally they are held in bondage with little recourse or remedy beyond "misdiagnosed mental illness" and unnecessary medications like lithium. 


This is all made possible by technologies that have in fact existed for 50 years yet the public at large has "no idea" of their influence, capability or the destructive consequence they have had upon our nation. If the public was aware in totality we are certain there would be a civil war or extensive "exodius" of about every so called elected, non elected, appointed and hired government official we currently have. This is based on the truth that "millions" of Americans have died and are currently dying based on the use of these technologies and their purposeful consequence. 


Victims are systematically degraded to shells of their former selves without the ability to escape, turn off or find help within the local or federal justice system. They are bombarded with misleading representations of who the perpetrators are calling themselves Ancestors, Angels, Demons, Gods, CIA, FBI, DOJ, Politicians, Actors, Aliens etc. The victims are induced without audible belligerence and visual smut included death, porn, molestation of children and homosexuality. Anything the ROD's can used to disturb, disrupt and destroy the subject victim is used. This is done until the victim submits to the will or a predesigned False Flag Operation like a mass shooting, violent act, suicide or human trafficking. 

If all that wasn't bad enough it gets worse: MK (Mind Kontrol Wave Type Technologies) were designed to coerce, manipulate and modify the subject victims behaviour and thus their actions with little trace or attribution in return. So why might this heinous weapon be used upon U.S. Citizens? Generally, in criminal acts you follow the motive, benefit and money. In most cases, Money is the key factor and in this case "Violence or Domestic Terror" fulfills Merrick Garlands of the DOJ's statement that "White Supremacy & Domestic Terrorism is the nation's number one threat". In that case more violence equals more money for surveillance expansion, gun restrictions and FISC 702 reductions on use of controversial technologies being used on American at home and abroad. That's disturbing enough considering AARON ALEXIS, ESTEBAN SANTIAGO & STEPHEN MARLOW but remember these are “mystical technologies” to most American so what if there were other motives? It turns out, there are several and none of which are very American in nature. 1) Victims are used as involuntary CHS or Confidential Human Sources for U.S. Govt Intel & Investigative Agencies. Without Agreement, Consent, Protection, Benefit or compensation they are used as bait and put into harms way, while also being used as a “cellular tower” with 24/7 ionizing radiation beamed into their heads. 2) Victims are forced Brain to Brain or BBI (Brain to Brain Interfaced) with others they do not know or the input or “tail end” of a neural network for which every privacy, intimacy, thought, feeling and intuition is invaded, shared and stolen. Their intellectual property, ideas, knowledge, wisdom, mindset, thought process and every being is copied, extracted, stored in a database and erased from the victim. This data is used to train and benefit ROD’s and the Output of the neural network and used to train DCNN’s Deep convolutional neural networks for AI at NO BENEFIT TO THE VICTIM BEYOND PAIN, LOSS, THEFT AND BRAIN DAMAGE. 3) The victims cerebral capacity and intelligence is utilized for the benefit of the output to increase human cognitive ability or support BCI (brain computer interfaces) to boost computer processing ability as it would take 1 million microchips to match 1 human brain. Considering there is no such thing as true AI the victim is the bridge and gateway to AI to judge and make context of mass amounts of data. This is why when victims wake up they have headaches because as they sleep the U.S. Govt is diligently using them as SLAVES without compensation. 4) This gets into the realm of Quantum Psychics but we’ve found several U.S. Patents to support the probability victims are being used to create, consolidate and distribute various forms of energy. For example the human body creates around 79,000 Kilojoules and not just from chemical reaction but also from kinetic processes and absorption. Beyond electricity is the extraction of phonons, extraction longitudinal scalar fields to benefit the biofield of a human output and distribution of transverse scalar waves to distribute the DNA structure of dislodge photons for transfer.

The most heinous applications of MK technologies is brainwashing, memory erasing and psyche splitting. Most victims complain of feeling “taken over” by ROD’s manipulating their emotions, mental state, vitals and physical mind and body. This isn’t fiction as weaponized RNM does exactly this by design. Where things get even darker is victim testimony of Dr. Frankenstein like CIA experiments involving “Neural Soul Snaring” and “Synthetic Possession” where they make the victim into a “blank slate” and rewrite their consciousness, physically drive the victims body or transfer another persons consciousness upon and to rewrite the consciousness of the victim. Although it seems science fiction it already been done and why most believe the CIA neural prison and possession involves children as they are much more mentally malleable then that of adult victims.

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