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TI Victim Introduction

An "Overview" Of Gangstalking Explained

We welcome your contact and experience. Based on our knowledge and understanding of your current situation we will do our very best to assist, support and provide you the answers your deserve. This is completely free of charge. Thank you 

Proof of Directed Energy Weapons On Civilians "Without Due Process" and this includes but is not limited to Physical harm & Psychological damage by use of the following technologies:  Remote Nueral Monitoring (Modular Networks), V2K (VOICE TO SKULL), BCI (BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACE), EMF (ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELD TRANSMISSIONS), HMI (Human Machine Interface), ELF (EMITTED LOW FREQUENCIES), RI (REVERSE INTEGRATION), VOICE MONITORING (VM) & MK (MIND CONTROL) weapons.

Please  view the frequencies measurements and US Patent list provided below to assess your own situation. The red line in the first reading taken from my home indicates the highest sound registered at 81 dbfs and 6115HZ while the seconde sample on a different date and time was 75 dbfs and 2304HZ. Both are EXTREMELY HIGH and cover nearly the entire spectrum of "Directed Energy Weapons" causing physcial headaches, confusion, swelling, bursing, fatigue, arousal issues, sleep issues, rashes/burns, aggetation, depression, anxiety, memory loss, blurry vision and tremors. Physcologically, teams of Operators/ROD's & ISA's inflict "Slow Kill" Psyops on the targets including convincing PROXIES to "Mob Stalk" target (follow in vehicles, approach & harrass) with additional "Synthetic Telepathy" and 24/7 365 "2 way radio" like death threats, threats of undue prosecution, Victim Shaming, Character assasination, threats of rape & assault, convincing target the are "Angels, Gods, Ancestors, Aliens or The One" (Voice of GOD)

These readings are absolutely not 5G, wifi or environmental noise. Victims are also subjected to stimuli sent to their visual cortex not utilizing your eyes. This generally consists of displaying "black color"  seen as pixels like that of an old CRT Television with shadows of what the subject is doing like raising their hand while they're eyes are shut (much like a holograph). Victim's also describe latentcy between the sounds and visual represtations. IBM Q-waves clusters receive or intercepted VLF transmissions within a data or "Fusion Center" and then retransmitted back to the TI or SLAVE's visual cortex. Generally latency ranges from 100 - 500 miliseconds. Let's be honest very few are even remotely capable of expediting complex technologies as these in the world (US Government - FBI, NSA, DIA, CIA & US Military). Why it's been unleashed on innocent "Non Investigative Subjects" is in fact the largest Genocide in American History. 


US Patent List


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