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UAP's or Low Orbit Satellites?  

Upon receiving a contributors videos we have investigated the footage and can not debunk either other than the height of the objects in the video are exclusively high to be drones in a holding partner. As per the photo provided we are split as to whether it is an "aurora excalibur" style drone or something else as the the lighting partners are like nothing we have knowledge us or reference to. We can confirm both the video and picture are not "altered" upon analysis or photoshopped as we first believed. You decide.

Contributor Video (authenticated) - Unkown objects 3 in triad formation & final is in solo stationary position
Contributor Photo (authenticated) - Unknown UAP but deemed not to be "aurora" class based on lighting pattern and design.
UAP Video & Photo

Noteably we are going to stay nuetral on determining whether the UAP's in both the video and photo are UFO's or Low Orbital Satellites. We have authenticated both media pieces and can say with 100% certainty beyond us enlarging the picture sighting that they are original files from an iphone 13 without alterations. Our issue with the video is the formation as it is not a drone cluster or satellite configuration we are aware of. The picture we compared to the "aurora" class drones but in comparsion to known lighting patterns we didn't find a match.


Admittedly, these are exciting media submissions as they are unique and rare. Not to mention difficult to explain and we also enjoy mysteries as investigators - so we will update this findings if new information emerges. We don't like leaving anything "open ended" but in truth we currently have little more to go on other than intrigue. So we must stay objective and nuetral at least in this case. 

Searching For Truth

We are aware of many technologies for which the general public in unaware. It is often suggested the "real tech curve" is around 30 years ahead of average knowledge. With this in mind we also know the probability of the universe being "lifeless" is near impossible and that we should all be overminded to ensure we progress. Skepticism is health but being narrow minded is feeble. Searching for knowledge in search of truth is humanities true mission. So stay open minded as who knows what around the corner.

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