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One Nation Formerly Under God - America's Darkest Secret

One Nation Former Under God

Invisible Killer Series 1

Cognitive Investigative Services
Invisible Killer Series 1
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Invisible Killer Series 1

Invisible Killer Series 1

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U.S. Killer Patents - Series 2

U.S. Killer Patents - Series 2

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The FBI's Dirty Deeds Series 3

The FBI's Dirty Deeds Series 3

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DOJ & NSA Involvement Series 4

DOJ & NSA Involvement Series 4

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Proof the FBI is involved in targeting U.S. Citizens via Voice Of God weapons and Gangstalking Units and does nothing the assist the victims and stop a genocide. They literally watch thousands suffer from torture under the disguise of investigations while innocents die. Everything Targeted Individuals have is stolen from them through pyschological torture and no one comes to their aid. America is turning into NAZI Germany. Please listen to the audio proof below.

Part – 1 Humanity’s invisible killer

Introducing One Nation Formerly Under God America’s Darkest Secret  Part 1 titled Humanity’s invisible killer. Beyond the knowledge of most United States Citizens exists the largest conspiracy in history to enslave, deprive and exterminate innocent citizens without due process or civil rights considerations as afforded to us by the constitution. You may believe the U.S. Government including the FBI, NSA, CIA and Military have the best interests of its citizens in mind but you’ll be shocked to know this isn’t so for most Americans, this is only afforded to the few elected, unelected and so called American Royalty. We realize this is a lot to accept but upon completion of this series you will understand most American’s have been left behind and some of the unfortunate few including the handicapped, fringes, outcasts and substance reliant are literally being tortured, tormented and killed off for no other reason but greed, self entitlement and the will of the self righteous to further their fleeting concept of power and control. Literally millions nationally and tens of millions internationally over the past 30 years have been targeted by the U.S. Governments so called surveillance technologies but in fact they have and are being gentrified. They are Found guilty of no crimes, never indicted, or sentenced to capital punishment yet they suffer and are treated as such daily without reprieve. All under the guise of national security but the truth is much more nefarious as we will prove to you. First allow us to set the ground work, unbeknownst to most exists a technology known as Recurrent Neural Networks, as does an actual working neural network in existence today and distributed invisibly across the united states and world wirelessly with integrated mood, behavior and mind control technologies most consider to be fiction. Yet this is very much a reality and attention to this weapon of mass destruction must be brought to populations worldwide immediately.

Technologies such as RNN or Recurrent Neural Networks, V2K or Voice to skull, BCI or Brain computer interface, HMI or Human machine interface, EMF or ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELD TRANSMISSIONS, ELF or Extremely LOW FREQUENCY transmissions, RI or REVERSE INTEGRATION, VM or VOICE MONITORING VM & MK or MIND CONTROL are not a fallacy and are integrated into RNM or Remote Neural Monitoring software utilized by comm and fusion centers around the country and militarily around the world. The main issue is not the existence of this technologies but the unconstitutional applications on U.S. civilians and civilian populations around the world with impunity causing irreputable damage to those targeted, their families, friends and the health of society as a whole. Worst of all victims are chastised, subjugated, persecuted and used for a variety of non consensual purposes depriving them of the most basic of human rights in a country which prides itself on the notion of freedom and equity for all. Yet the truth is far from that for most and a majority doesn’t even know it yet. Recurrent Neural Networks are made up of nodes which are in fact real people, wirelessly connected via the use of each individuals brain signature and without the necessity of having a microchip implant. All human beings have a unique neural brain signature much like finger prints are a form of biometric data. RNN’s structures vary but ultimately they all have an input and output. Essentially, the input are the groups of people monitored and the output is the RNN’s system administrator or ISA, R O D’s and operators who benefit from a variety of non consensual benefits that enslave the input group like human cattle. The most common justification for these methods and tactics are intelligence or information gathering without consider to the individual target or population groups mental, physical and emotional health as these technologies cause great damage including tissue & brain damage, slow cognition and severe emotional stress. Further use of RNN’s without knowledge or consent amount the to equivalent of intellectual property theft and state sponsored espionage without warrant as every thought is read, transferred and logged not only to others also subjugated but primarily to the output ISA, ROD’s and operators for benefit. Surveillance is also another common excuse for said applications but this is condescending as surveillance is convert and not a 2 or many way radio between all those networked together. 


Another more heinous use is theft of a humans cognitive processing ability to benefit the network head or those on the upper output level of the RNN, again without consent, knowledge or compensation to the target which amounts to slavery within America at this current time without a doubt.  Other benefits to the RNN heads are stolen from fellow U.S. Citizens and human beings including their individuality being hived minded, their free will and freedom of choice to their own mind and body.  The most hideous uses and Adverse effects of RNN’s including mental conditioning, brainwashing, Proxification and Manchurian candidates to serve the bidding of the U.S. Government network administrators.

Part 2 – US Patents defiling the innocent

Introducing One Nation Formerly Under God America’s Darkest Secret Part 2 titled US Patents defiling the innocent. If learning of the existence RNN’s wasn’t bad enough consider the integration of a multitude of military grade psychological warfare weapons consisting of resonate frequency patents packeted into Remote Neural Monitoring software increases and decreases the induction, amplitude and effect on each victim based on the discretion of the ISA, ROD and operators. Essentially, they can bring victims to their knees and stress them mentally, physically and emotionally year round or perhaps just steal your human capital abilities without consent or compensation. Intentional Manipulation of a groups of people or an individuals wellbeing is criminal especially involving innocent civilians yet these practices continue. consider just a few of the following patents used to inflict great bodily harm on U.S. citizens and find more at C I S Tech . Info under the file share page and labeled as U.S. Patent list.  We caution that you prepare yourself to be disgusted and appalled. How can our U.S. Government use taxpayer money to subjugate ourselves? For example US Patent 4 3 9 5 6 0 0 Subliminally manipulates the subjects emotions via remotely directed radio frequencies or US Patent 4 8 3 4 7 0 1 Provides Remote neurological control of the victim via sets of low frequency waves beamed at the human brain or US Patent 5 1 2 3 8 9 9 Alters the mood, emotions and sleep states of the victim via remotely applied frequencies and wave forms or US PATENT 5 8 8 9 8 7 0 Makes voices emanate from individuals who do not intend it or realize it called the Ventriloquist Effect. This explains why targeted victims believe everyone around them is mob stalking them and speaking to them directly or

US PATENT 3 3 9 3 2 7 9 Remotely causes the targeted individual to hear voices via EMF waves that are imperceptible to anyone else which explains synthetic telepathy experienced by victims and lastly for now US PATENT US 4 6 1 6 2 6 1 Superimposes subliminal imaging onto victims visual cortex explaining synthetic clairvoyance of the holographic grainy, shadow figures and projections some victims experience and report. Unfortunately most victims are referred to mental health services only to be misdiagnosed as schizophrenic or delusional when in fact these are military grade psychological warfare technologies not a mental impairment. the term Remote as mentioned previously means wirelessly distributed through Satellites, Cell Towers and electronics. how many agencies in the world do you believe can pull this all off? its not dark web hackers as generally stated by law enforcement, its isn’t your neighbor either or a strange man at the grocery store. We can assist in connecting the dots as this is solely the technical genius of the U.S. Government in fact owned by us as citizens. For anyone to suggest these technologies aren’t in use to manipulate the emotions, perception and ultimately the actions of the victim is obviously concealing the truth or arrogant to thousands of victims making similar complaints. By what necessity do innocent American citizens suffer this cruel and unusual punishment? We fail to find reasonable justification or any sound legal posture beyond a concealment campaign. We question this logic as truth like water always finds a way and how secure is a nation when the Government agencies and military aren’t protecting its citizens.

This use of these technologies and lack of conscionable oversight, accountability and frankly any suggestion of patriotism as they cause extreme social discord to civilians. The U.S. Government initiates, facilitates, compounds, exacerbates and even participants in a wide variety of significant social issues. Beyond previously mentioning negating the abolition of slavery and cruel and unusual punishment. Human trafficking, child obductions, premature death, mental health disorders, false flag operations and the current state of our nation and the world come to mind.. This is a byproduct of the intended us and  application without regulation, enforcement and public awareness. For example, companies like Security Industries Specialist who contract with the U.S. Government are known to subliminally message U.S. Cities with frequency US Patents like 4 3 9 5 6 0 0 that Subliminally manipulate the emotions, brain state and ultimately the actions of complete populations. Fraying inner city neighborhoods with negative emotional stimuli and doing the opposite in wealthy areas. This perversion influences how we think, feel, behave and who we vote for. On the more severe end of the spectrum targeted individuals receive the equivalent of Voice of God military grade psychological weapons with mental, physical and psychological impairment capabilities. Teams of many operators constantly bombard an individual until they are disseminated or kill themselves referred to as slow kill. They systematically brake down the targeted victim, Isolating them from family, friends, drive them to insolvency, chastise every thought, every emotion and convince them they have no hope other than death. This use of these methods and tactics of torment and torture compares to the treatment of jews lost during the holocaust. The difference is these are citizens of United States of America and are subjugated within our country to the point of literally being shells of their former selves based on no fault of their own. Everything they’ve earned in taken from them, every spiritual belief stomped out, every relief option removed, everything they love and cherish stolen, every justice deserved and complaint served goes unheard. There only option is that of enslaved suffrage under the tutelage of a dictatorship, be assisted to commit suicide without consent or driven to commit acts against their better nature as often demanded. Without much of a counter argument the U.S. Government is responsible either by way of dereliction of duty, willful neglect at best or complicity in the largest conspiracy to conceal a genocide in American history as millions have died over the last 30 years and hundreds of thousands suffer today. The governments only job is to serve and protect U.S. Citizens and they have failed to adhere to this oath with some many used, abused and ultimately passed on before their rightful time in peace. It’s hard to imagine this is even possible in the said to be greatest country in the world but one can simply search the keywords gang stalking or targeted individual and find hundreds of thousands of victims still alive and suffering terribly not withstanding all those who are unaware of being subliminal influenced. How can any U.S. Government official, Investigator or Agent seriously argue otherwise without knowingly, willingly and intentionally being either completely ignorant of the victims cries for help or involved in concealing, obverting and depriving innocents of justice?  C I S Tech . info thanks you for viewing please view part 3


FBI’s misuse of surveillance technologies, human capital (Proxy) new kill off tactics: proxy investigative and clean up “covert units” extortion, threats of malicious prosecution, proxy investigators, gang stalking and community stalking, Neural monitor enter families without any justification beyond malicious intent to extort and subvert witnesses and whistleblowers from speaking out.

PART 3 – US Genocide In Progress

Introducing One Nation Formerly Under God America’s Darkest Secret  Part 3 title U.S. Genocide In Progress. First let us highlight the FBI’s involvement in this scheme. If one considers well known past FBI abuses like shooting a man while eating at his dinner table at ruby ridge, burning down a compound with children inside executing an ill-advised and poorly thought out raid in Waco, Vanishing Jimmy Hoffa, executing whitey bolgers mob competitors or delivering a suicide package to martin Luther king two days prior to receiving his noble peace prize then him being assassinated not long after it isn’t a far stretch of the imagination that they are at it again. To assume the likelihood of them abusing these technologies is not only a possibility but highly probable. Based on the testimony of many victims in this day and age they’ve found a highly technical way of continuing old habits and we will assist you connecting in the dots. With the prevalent uses of RNN or Recurrent Neural Networks, RNM or Remote neural monitoring, V2K or Voice to skull, BCI or Brain computer interface, HMI or Human machine interface, EMF or ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELD TRANSMISSIONS, ELF or Extremely LOW FREQUENCY transmissions, R I or REVERSE INTEGRATION, VM or VOICE MONITORING & MK or mind control technologies and knowing the lack of oversight and accountability that exists. They’re surveillance abuses, tactics and methods create chaos in every state around the country which is a near disaster and overall confidence in the agency has just about completely dissipated. Today the FBI utilizes convert sanctioned and unsanctioned gang stalking units with community stalking elements said to investigate suspects of crimes. Yet thousands of said Non Investigative Subjects referred to the T S C are placed on shady watchlists and complain of being terrorized, harassed, extorted, mobbed and threatened to remain silent.

Some victims are used as proxy investigators without consent, agreement or free will. While whistleblowers and other freedom loving non conformists resist these totalitarian dictator methodologies are executed by use of proxy assassins conditioned or brainwashed to carry out the FBI’s dirty laundry. This is made possible by use of the previously mentioned technologies usually sealed in federal warrants as to conceal methods, means and tactics.  This is how it works. As previously mentioned the FBI does have a well known gang stalking unit but what is little understood is they employ former arrestees, cartel members and degenerates who are unsanctioned, untrained and non deputized yet some how they are empowered to partake in official investigations or gang stalk U.S. Citizens. Some stalkers are offered financial benefit, sentence reductions or leniency and they actively recruit others to join their stalking groups to perpetuate more harassment and incite more violence upon civilians without oversight. Unfortunately, for the victims of gang stalking without ever committing a crime, receiving indictment, served a warrant or seeing their day in court they are threatened with everything from malicious prosecution, to extortion, testimony suppression all the way up to death threats and execution. These thugs account for most of the street theatre stalking victims complain of but what you don’t know and should is that in some cases they are all pitted against each other to hide evidence of the crime itself and FBI involvement. Witnesses and stalkers disappear or are silenced and victims never find true justice.

 For example, after significant torture a known victim and target was later recruited to work for an FBI gang stalking unit in phoenix Arizona. When he declined the FBI began by threatening malicious prosecution even though he was completely legit in his affairs then they later attempted to convince a cartel member to follow and murder him for knowing to much about the inner workings of this federal scheme. The operators initially identified themselves as covert FBI agents and part of the Joint Terrorism task force prior to things getting nasty. He was approached, followed, relentlessly tormented, his girlfriend and family members were threatened to be killed, he received phone calls that his daughter was kidnapped, his business was destroyed and life turned upside down and they continue to assist him to commit suicide without consent to this day. He’s made 911 calls, filed complaints to the local phoenix police dept, the FBI directly and even the D O J without even a follow up phone call or visit. This is because the FBI hides and conceals these violent crimes and thousands of other victims suffer in the same fashion without justice or reprieve.  Sounds much like the suicide package Martin Luther King received doesn’t it but just with new delivery methods yielding the same result of silencing victims and keeping the FBI’s hands clean. This is happening right now in cities across the nation and the FBI just lets it happen under the false justification of investigations and suggests these victims are just part of a rising trend of mental illness. We argue that being fearful of your life, death threats to yourself and family, being extorted and psychologically tortured fails under violent crime statutes as per federal guidelines and we are tired of the excuses given by the FBI.  

 The general pathway to perpetual torment by the U.S. Government normally begins for most at the FBI’s joint terrorism task force level where that particular states FBI JTTF officer refers the targeted individual to the TDSB/NIS Code 3 & 4 list also known as McCarthy’s Blacklist at their sole discretion not based on the fact that 99.71% haven’t committed a crime nor do they have active investigations with the FBI. Its interesting to consider the contradiction that the Joint Terrorism Task Force is supposed to prevent Domestic Terrorism not create it. Plausible deniability is not a legal defense as thousands complain annually and no one seems to be protecting the victims beyond referrals to mental health services for lithium. Nor does the FBI interview witnesses as Americans are tormented and killed with government technologies said to yield investigative fruit but at what cost? Innocents suffer, thugs thrive and are incentivized and dirty law enforcement officers rinse and repeat the same cycle over and over. That is absolutely unequal justice under the law. Some at the FBI may justify the notion that investigating parents at P T O meetings takes priority over real domestic terrorist matters happening under their nose but we adamantly disagree with that skewed logic.  Justice must be served or those in charge must be removed, criminally charged and held civilly liable for damages caused to victims. We know these activities do not make your communities safer and that they are the cause of much greater social issues then the significance of any trivial allegation. Its time for the FBI to face up to their responsibility in this matter as they are tasked to protect and serve not facilitate more violence within society.

CIA’s, DARPA & Haarps –  dark rabbit hole from the tdsb to the engines Dr. Frankenstein us civilian experimentation, hologram neural infusion machines – dream infusion, memory search and implementation, false flag operations  

Introducing One Nation Formerly Under God America’s Darkest Secret  Part 5 titled U.S. Genocide In Progress. We will highlight the CIA & DARPA’s joint involvement in this scheme. After targeted individuals are referred to the TDSB/NIS Code 3 & 4 list also known as McCarthy’s Blacklist. Some unfortunate few are then sent down a deep and dark rabbit hole of experimentation and torture. We refer to this as Dr. Frankenstein’s human laboratory were no HIPPA laws are abided by, no consent or freedom of choice is respected and cruel and unusual punishment is inflicted upon the innocent U.S. Citizens day after day. The so called “first line of defense” really doesn’t seem to defend democracy much or care about the common U.S. citizens civil rights or liberties. One particular victim describes being ensnared without willing admission or application to the Hyper theory game which is a holographic computer generated construct known to ensnare children and unwitting adults. They are convinced they are competing for some mystical prize in which they gain some authority or power for suppressing others. They are not compensated, they do not apply or login they are in fact victimized and enslaved and made to feel empowered by the nonsensical promise of becoming a cia operative or special forces soldier only having to wait for endless promises of deadlines never kept. The technologies primarily used here are RNN’s or recurrent neural networks, BCI or brain computer interface, HMI or human machine interface, RI or reverse integration and MK or mind control technologies. They experience synthetic telepathy and are projected holographic images of others networked over their visual cortex. Essentially, they are enslaved gladiators pitted against each other for perpetuity or until their health fails and they die.

Victims are also used to non-consensually to target others as delegated by the cia. They utilize negative conditioning derived from mental, physical, and emotional distress so the victim strikes out at the target presented.  Another witness attests to being non consensually chosen by 3 CIA cognitive science specialists and enrolled in the ventriloquist program in which his natural abilities were used and abused to facilitate atrocities on others he did not know. He describes having memories erased, others injected, being involved in the memory and dream searches of many others as redirected to both us citizens, other targeted victims, and foreign intelligence agents. Ultimately, this witness was discarded and deemed to have a mental health condition as very few understand his situation and are willing to collaborate his experience. These victims are left without recognition, acknowledgement, compensation or even a simple thank you for contributions made. Other victims describe these RNN’s, ISA’s, ROD’s, and operators to utilize just about any tactic to appease the victim from seeking help or insight elsewhere while being used non consensually by going as far as trying to convince them they are The Chosen Ones, Gods, Visited by Angels, Ancestors, Ghosts or aliens. Another victim describes the nonconsensual use of super humans or those known to possess extraordinary abilities. We’ve all heard of the super strong or prodigies of math, music, and science but what about psychic abilities like astral projection, remote viewing, bilocation, mediumship, materialization, prophecy, thoughtography, telekinesis, clairvoyance and pre and post cognition?

These abilities do in fact exist in people today regardless of opinion as this victim is known to be telekinetic from birth but was not completely aware of the extent of his talents until his early 40’s. He describes being used by the CIA as a psychic assassin without knowledge and under the vail of a training operation. He also attests his ISA, ROD and operator attempted to target him on the president of the united states and when he declined they attempted to not only wash his memories but also attempted to erase him. Imagine the confusion and disorientation one faces when these technologies along with the mind warping tactics used finally come into focus for these victims. It’s extremely disturbing when you start hearing voices and seeing grainy visions imperceivable to others as you close your eyes and this is not mentally illness it’s a biproducts of microwave technologies weaponized and intended to manipulate targeted victims. If you don’t believe in super humans Just YouTube known CIA programs and find reference to mk ultra, Guinea pig, project blue beam, psychic assassinations and psychics being used to locate and identify extraterrestrials or just visit the CIA vault online and research said programs yourself. Our point being any U.S. Citizen being experimented on without consent or proper medical release like lab rats by less than honest doctors and scientists sounds very reminiscent to Doctor Death from NAZI Germany acquired like so many other Nazi doctors and scientists during operation paper clip during world war 2. Another witnesses attests to children and adults being subjected to mental, physical and emotional torture held in the confinement of photon incubators right off shore of the continental united states near Bermuda. Is far from the American values we grew up with.

Best of all for the CIA you are no longer required to be physically present as RNN’s enable unconscionable uses of U.S. Civilians like cattle without consent to be used as everything from batteries, cognitive engines to assassinations for those in power or well appointed including their families. A witness attests this explains Hillary Clintons PIZZA gate and why the investigation went no where and testimony exists that David Cohen is handler of those cognitive victims and that even his family benefits from this form of slavery as outputs on the RNN being used. No microchip is required for brain signature victims making this crime formally difficult to prove although a witness states the CIA utilizes neural implants to more easily control those with said abilities like Manchurian candidates or the equivalent of a neural shock collar a dog might wear if they get out of line and start demanding their civil rights.  Also disclosed by this witness was the existence and use of neural induction pods that literally insert anyone using them into the recurrent neural networks as additional Handlers or Ranchers of human cattle imposing their will on all those grouped within. These non consensual victims are at the discretion of the handler to include seeing through the victims eyes, controlling physical functions, control the behavior and actions of the victim, utilizing the victims human capital and even projected holographic images of others as to camouflage and disguise their retral appearance or natural perception of oneself.  We are curious as to why they steal from innocent U.S. civilians instead of recruiting them like one might expect from an honorable intelligence agency. Perhaps its cheaper to enslave special people over compensating them but how can this be as this government overpays for everything they buy why not talented people?  

The obvious consequences these tactics abrogate everything we are as Americans.  We were also under the impression the CIA was supposed to operate outside of the United States as per some legal directives and jurisdictional matters. Regardless this is human trafficking and slavery over recognition they revert to be the equivalent of theft, rape, torture and torment onshore and across the nation. This reality should infuriate every true American as witnesses will testify in any court in the land.

DOD & U.S. Military’s involvement: Introducing One Nation Formerly Under God America’s Darkest Secret  Part 6 titled U.S. Genocide In Progress. We will highlight the DOD & U.S. Military’s joint involvement in this scheme. As difficult as this is for us to admit we have knowledge and witness testimony of service members being actively targeted by their own with voice of god directed energy weapons on U.S. soil as veterans. Two victims were both honorably discharged and suffer daily being tormented. Further we have testimony from another victim who will attest that the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines & Air Force actively target U.S. Citizens for a variety of reasons including referred by the CIA. He attests that some victims are used as target practice or human punching bags for psyops training while other U.S. Citizens are used for additional benefits to specific soldiers like increasing their cognitive abilities. We were previously under the impression that the U.S. Military protected U.S. Citizens not preyed on them non consensually to improve the performance, targeting or abilities of psyops units. It seems counter intuitive as we understand recruitment overall maybe down and the genuine cognitive talent pool maybe shallow, but shouldn’t the military hire these people specifically or target real terrorists off shore instead of U.S. citizens? In conclusion, we’d also like to address the use of our Military to spread the same psychological torment and misrepresentation tactics around the world as just about every country on the planet has populations that complain of being enslaved, targeted and tormented by these weapons They experience both synthetic telepathy and synthetic clairvoyance by use of Voice of God directed energy weapons and the US Patents are listed under our file share option on our website C I S

NSA – Need proof of mass genocide by use of Voice of God directed energy weapons unleashed on U.S. Citizens or the concealment of truth including obstruction of justice?  You need not go any further then the NSA. They are known surveil American Citizens 10 times more than anyone else worldwide and rest assured a full record of every remote neural monitoring file from start to finish on every victim is conveniently stored and cataloged for review by court order. Why else would they require all that storage space and computing power?


ElHady v. Kable; 391 F.Supp.3d 562 (2019)
Joint Appendix - 49 MB.
Includes the testimony of FBI Agents.   


Docket 61:  TransUnion v. Ramirez (2021)
The Supreme Court already ruled that listing you as a

"terrorist" on a government list, causes you harm.     PDF VIA FILL SHARE

(PS) Maxey v. United States of America     PDF VIA FILL SHARE

TJ VS. MERRICK GARLAND U.S.District Court, 4:23-cv-01013​


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