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The U.S. Government Defiles Regilion Worldwide

This disturbing and important notice goes out to all God fearing citizens around the world and is brought to you by Cognitive Investigative Services… Be aware that the U.S. Government is persecuting the religious values of all true believers of all known religious creeds whether are preference is Buddhism,  Confucianism, Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, Hinduism, Mormonism, Scientology etc. Their means of defilement is accomplished through little known technologies frayed over major populations worldwide subliminally and directly targeting religious leaders of every faith with Voice Of God directed energy weapons. This technology was previously best known to have been used in the Iraq war for which a battalion of Iraqi troops surrendered their weapons and fell to their knees without fighting as they become instantly synthetically telepathic and clairvoyant by use of microwave weapons audibly hearing and experiencing a fictional spiritual event in which Alaa commanded them to give up. Voice of God weapons manipulate, coerce, convince and induce these fake spiritual experiences and infuse the targeted subject with both visual and audible messaging. This happens within the U.S. as well as the government Directly targets and experiments on the handicapped, poor, uneducated, low income, homeless, sick, outcasts and fringes of society with impunity as teams of operators attempt to convince the victim they are visited by angels, ancestors and deities and are chosen to suffer for the sins of humanity, leave their families, friends, jobs and even kill themselves as this was some synthetic god’s will without much reason or logic to decent people. Generally, we are tasked to help the poor, weak and disenfranchised within our communities not the opposite.  

This perverse use of technology to rob us all of our most precious beliefs is beyond a satanic ideology, it’s enslavement of innocent masses to serve the bidding of the few.  These technologies used to propagate false hoods under the disguise of celestial events or miracles with nefarious and deceptive intent. The US utilizes military grade psychological weapons of mass destruction such as “Voice of god & subliminal messaging” with the following technologies little known to most of the world population making them extremely vulnerable to this deceit: V2K or  Voice to skull, ELF or Extremely Low Frequency, RF or Radio Frequency, EMF or Electro Magnetic Field, VM or Voice Monitoring, HMI or Human Machine Interface, BCI or Brain Computer Interface, RNN or recurrent neural networks and RNM or Remote Neural monitoring to suppress your religious liberties, spiritual beliefs and freedoms without the knowledge of most. The truth is grim for those “Targeted Directly” known worldwide as Targeted Individuals as they are subjected to 24 7 conditioning by use of these Recurrent Neural Networks and their operators to behave, believe and pass on messages they infuse into the target. For example: Operators work together to project images over the subjects visual cortex like holographic figures of Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad, Moses, Jesus followed by a series of subliminal or audible messages making the subject target believe they’ve seen and experienced a grainy and pixelated vision when they close their eyes. Unfortunately, the truth is they are literally being “microwaved” with Mind Kontrol or MK directed energy weapons like Lab Rats by the CIA, HAARP and U.S. Military with this Synthetic Telepathy & Clairvoyance faking true miracles and communication with the divine.

These targeted victims are not only used as Proxy Manchurian candidates receptive to this form of mind control and conditioning utilizing religious values and beliefs but also used as unwitting intelligence officers to gather information and control the outcome of the organization they serve as a whole. All this without a microchip implanted, utilizing their brain signature much like a finger print. These microwave weapons cause tissue and brain damage as you’re brain is not designed to be used like a “cell tower”. They are subjected to psychological torment and torture if they do not submit or relent to these teams and forced to accept a hive mindset of subservience disguised as a spiritual experience, relative, higher being, angel or god demanding their will and orders be carried out. This is not fiction please open your eyes and fight back… Research the technologies, targeted victims and look at the state of the world around you as it seems to be falling apart. In times of great despair we seek our faith and when that is polluted with the synthetic will of the few to control the masses we have little place to turn. Please find proof of these technologies and their nefarious uses worldwide at C I S

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