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Alien Technology & Visitation

COGNITIVE INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES PRESENTS Alien nano technology not seen anywhere else but here. Ryan Michell founder of CIS a Non-profit dedicated to "finding the truth in an ocean of lies" was visited and has photographed actual ships and beings not believed to be from earth. All photographs, videos and evidence provided is the sole property and in the possession of Ryan Michell. Outside analysis andis welcome upon request and signed agreement that all property is claimed by the witness (Ryan Michell). As it is said by Ancient Aliens "We are not alone and we have never been alone" and the time has come to reveal the truth the public has been waiting for. The U.S. Government is in fact systematically releasing censored content to prepare the public for a major announcement. So why wait? We welcome your inpute and requested for republication, reproduction and redistribution which will all be made by express written consent only and notarized contract with Mr. Ryan Michell (only). All other attempts are strictly prohibited and in violated of U.S. Copy written, intellectual and personal proerty laws.


COGNITIVE INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES PRESENTS Alien Nano Technology. All rights reserved and legal protections against reproduction, redistribution and dissemination. Contact Ryan Michell (owner) for interviews, verification and third party posting rights in writing and contract only.

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