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U.S. Government Wall Of Shame

This section is dedicated to Targeted Victims proving the U.S. Governments dereliction of duty, willful neglect and complicity in a conspiracy to facilitate, perpetuate and acknowledge an active genocide without interdiction. We have put everyone below ON NOTICE and will objectively provide the feed back received ofour determinations along with the entire recorded calls to each contact. We seek reprieve, recourse and remedy for over one hundred thousand U.S. Citizens tormented daily with “Voice Of God” style military grade directed energy weapons that suffer without due process, indictment, warrant, probable cause, trial or conviction. Essentially, these innocent citizens are issued the equivalent of a “death warrant” at NO FAULT of their own and condemned to “cruel and unusual punishment” exceeding the standards of any death penalty issued to capital offenders. We fight for justice and peace for these victims as many agencies “bury their heads” and attempt to conceal 20 years of needless torment. We will fight to our last breath and beyond to ensure inevitably justice is served.

Every contact made is related to abuse and misuse of these "not so well known" technologies and the consequences inflicted upon victims.

Social Issues:

-Civil Unrest

- Family & Social instability

- False Flag & Domestic Terrorism


Human Rights Issues:

- Violations of Civil Rights like warrantless search and seizure, Mirada Violations, Right to remain sillent, Right to Counsel, Right to privacy, Right to self defense, False Imprisonment, Unconstitutional surveillance methods and interogation tactics among many others.

- Non consensual Human Experimentation and illegal study without medical disclosure or release

-  Human Trafficking and equivalent of modern day slavery within the United States

- Theft Of Intellectual property

Biological Issues:

- Phsycial Aliments Include: Tissue & Brain Damage, Slow Cognition, Fatigue, Headaches, Body Aches, Rashes, Burns, Cancer, arousal issues, high blood pressure amongst others.

- Psychologically - extreme paranoia, delusions, hallucinations and confusion amongst other aliments

- Emotionally - distress, depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies

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