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Undercover Sting On FBI Reveals Knowledge Of Genocide


For every U.S. Citizen that is a Targeted Victim, Cognitive Investigative Services has confirmed both your worst nightmare and the key to your salvation. As part of a counter intel sting upon the FBI we have obtained undeniable proof that they are aware of the issue and technologies used, they are in fact they cover up Agency much like "Los Carpetas" and COINTELPRO and admit to millions suffering on their watch by default. Some may consider this a "Brick Wall" as before this sting where they'd simply "hang up" on any victim mentioning RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) after saying "we've logged your complaint". We see this as the needed admissions that "blow plasible deniability" out the door and open the FBI to criminal neglegience charges and a litany of civil rights lawsuits based on dereliction of duty, willful neglect and complicity in a conspiracy to obstruct justice in having knowledge of a criminal act or "Program" and doing nothing about it. Consider the ramifications of the public learning the FBI has willingly participated and ignored millions of U.S. Citizens suffering from the same symptoms over 30 years? Not withstanding the willful admissions of two prior administrations apologizing for the very same issue which proves again "ignorance" to the law isn't protection from it or an excuse. 

The time for change and resolution is long overdue. Innocent U.S. Citizens - Adults, Children and the Elderly are being tortured, conditioned into subservance and enslaved by the very same government that is entrusted to protect them and has utterly failed. Looking at the larger picture in fact over the last 30 years of using "Voice Of God " style weapons upon the U.S. population - nothing good has come from it. The world is on fire beyond a 6 hour victory of the IRAQI Army surrenedering their tanks without a shot fired.  Yet now the sum of the middle east is a disaster zone and Afganistan was a mess after 20 years of lost "blood and treasure". Reflecting upon the U.S. where this weapon should've never of been deployed the effect is identical to the "Voice of God's" design = diaster zone after brainwashing, confusing, conditioning and slow killing the targeted victims. Millions of American have gone from decent paying jobs to live on the street, turned to drugs in hopes of numbing the pain, been misdiagnosed for "technically" induced acoustic petrodyning (cochlear mechanics) or hearing Voices & Sounds that orginate from U.S. Comm centers not their biology. They have technically induced allusions infused into their occipital lobe not biologic hallucations as 99.99% of Psychologists would prescribe them medication for instead of find the root cause from the U.S. Govt. 

This is a very simple problem and solution involving a complicated grouping of technologies intertegrated into a weaponized software variant of Remote Neural Monitoring and distributed via satellite, celluar towers and by over the horizon radar. The U.S. Government simply needs to release the American it is falsely imprisoning and torturing from neural prisons by removing the victims neural signature from the EBL or Electronic Brain Link System. Simple, easy and done but generally speaking that doesn't happen for most Targeted Victims as they are systematically destroyed mentally, physically, emotionally and financially over the course of many years. There is absolutely NO JUST logic for this heinous, inhumane crime upon anyone as per our system of law or constitutional values. Therfore we can not contemplate or rationalize its purpose beyond its intended design = to destroy and kill the subject. Most victims are told to "Kill Themselves" to end the torment for which we refer to this as "assisted suicide without consent" as the only benefit compeling perfomance is for totrue to desist. Most victims are also conditioned or groomed for various roles: Compliant Males are made into "Enforcers" or mule batteries harassing and suppressing the "hive mind" or advisor to some nazi/slave rule. Uncompliant Males are "mobbed" by the village in all possible ways (mentally, physicially, emotionally and financially. Females are often suppressed and groomed for sexual roles for which a male "enforcer" or strong arm oversees. Most may fail to understand this form of slavery and suppression based on one simple fact: They fail to understand the existance, capability and malicious intended use of these technologies right now. Further, they lack the experience to understand the 24/7 - 365 torture involved, invasion of ones privacy and infilitration of ones body, mind and soul. Until they do they have absolutely no right or just position to judge anyone. 

Investigative and Intelligence Agencies attempting to conceal this genocide continue to deny these technologies even exist although history, google and millions of victims worldwide disagree. Not to mention we can prove it - sorry U.S. Govt your misuse of Voice Of God and the trillions of dollars spent to develop it as this is NO Longer a secret "assasination tool or enslavement device", soon the public will know, understand and rage against U.S. Government Officials who have killed off decent people and children without legal authority. In truth, the United States of America is not a democracy it is a dictatorship as the FEW ENSLAVE MASSES and kill them off with impunity under the disguise of National Security or a War On Terror. In retrospect, all Americans will see and agree this is HIGH TREASON justifying the swift execution of thousands of FORMER AMERICANS and U.S. Govt Officials/Contractors that gave up their birthright to FREEDOM when they willing decided to steal them from the innocent and the weak within our society. This technology steals every thought, every emotion, every simple joy from the victims life. It induces, modifies and manipulates emotiones, thought process, mental state, nervous, endocrine and lymbic system function. It can erase memories of children, loved one and ones past and inject negative replacements instead literally reprograming someone against their will and consent. The U.S. Govt forces victims BBI "HiVE MIND" (Brain to Brain Interface) with a litany of nefarious people and overseen by a ISA (Identification System Adminstrator) and ROD's (Remote Operators) that monitor, manipulate and modify the communications between victims or allegiant proxies seeking a heinous narrative between victims (whether they be consenting or non consenting - slave like U.S. Govt CHS or Confidential Human Sources). They literally "pit people against eachother" based on their emotional triggers (race, religon, politics, disinformation etc.) This disorientation tactic "defers" attention away from the U.S. Govt where it belongs. 

Victims are purposefully isolated from family, friends, children and financial matters in serveral fashions. One example, is that they are told not to contact loved ones. They are told to leave their jobs and they will be "taken care of" but no one ever comes and they are left in ruin. They are threatened, their children safety is threatened, their lives are threatened if they do not comply with the mystical rule of a synthetic tryant. The ROD's or "so called" advisors take victims through a daily automated routine as each profile is saved within the weaponized RNM variant software as a file for which different ROD's in comm centers can simply access and "work the targeted victim like a dog". The file  includes vulnerabilities, emotional triggers, interests and painful memories or fears for which they relentlessly "poke & prode" the victim. They literally take victims on a daily mental, physical and emotional "rollercoaster" of highs and lows in effort to brake their psyche as the true goal and design is to change, modify and manipulate the mindset , behavior and actions of the victims to fulfill and predetermined design which IS NOT A GOOD THING (ie Manchrurian Candidates, False Flag, Violence and Submission to the evil minded people). This design may be suicide, violence, domestic terror, human trafficking, exploitation, extortion, subservence to some unknown master plan etc. This is modern day SLAVERY in America and like the civil war accomplishing the first abolitution of slavery in January 1865  it may require another to ensure this never happens again to any American regardless of socio-economic background. Remember everything mentioned above is NON CONSENSUAL to the victim, NO Medical Release, No Agreement, No Incentive, No Compensation, No Benefit - It's SLAVERY...


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