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Psychological, Biological & Chemical Warfare Upon U.S. Citizens


The below photographs of Ryan Michell's (Targeted Victim, Advocate and Investigator) blood draws, physical examination and tissue exploratory prove the presence of nano technology in crystalline nano residue, nano fibers, nano tubes, nano crystalline growths in cells, cellar deformation, pollution of blood and clotting issues. 

THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS AND VIDEO ARE THE PROPERTY OF CIS AND CAN NOT BE REUSED WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT. Each Section will explain the different Biological, Chemical, Psychological and Neurological weapons being deployed by the U.S. Government upon U.S. Citizens amounting to war crimes.

Nano Technologies (Bio Directed Energy Weapons):


Types Nano Plasma Gel, Nano String, Nano mesh, Nano tubes, Nano Controls, BMI (brain machine interfaces), genetically altered microbes and fungus weapons developed by DARPA's N3 Program:  Plasma nano tech Delivered by drone or satellite equipped with Femotonano Plasma Laser, nano mesh (collection, hologram enhancement, camo and electrostatic debris consolidation delivered by drone and activated by another laser coded to a specific individuals bio resonance frequency tailored to each targeted victims DNA sequenced frequency and individual neural signature. Weaponized Remote Neural Monitoring including emotional and mental state modification delivered by satellite including induction delivery of high doses of electromagnetic radiation (ionizing and exceeding 300 hz) charging the victims brain, body and nano technology weapons. Remote Neural Monitoring in the Receiver aspect of various weapons systems including location, visual reception of victims memory, perception, vitals etc. Scalar waves and ELF are the transmission system completing the inbound cochlear heterodyning or communications loop and visual cortex induction & implementation of hallucinations and 2D projections (Audible - Frequency modulation and Visual - Amplitude modulation) and provides and feedback loop to RNM - Electronic Brain Link System to distribute or project to other ROD's and targeted victims within the neural node cluster or across the neural network itself. Traverse scalar waves attribute to the disrupt of the victims DNA structure with assistance from the nano technology to divide, extract, remove or destroy the victims nervous, endocrine, limbic and at a cellar level. These nano weapons pool the intend extracted human capital (DNA, phonons etc.) and transfer it across the daisy chained neural network to the "output" head for benefit (reverse pyramid scheme - U.S. citizens are literally yoked until death). ELF and ULF waves as implied are easy to disguise and penetrate just about any surface traveling faster than the speed of light they cause pain, add camo as current meters are not capable or sensitive enough to detect these transmissions and based on the lack of general knowledge of these transmission waves few agencies and individuals within the U.S. government are aware they even exist. Neural networks are adversarial and hostile in nature to the victim causing them 24/7 torment, abuse, audible and visual stimuli without the ability to turn off the induction. The intent by design of MK technologies is to disable, disorientate, destroy, confuse, manipulate, coerce, condition, groom, brainwash, blank slate and modify the actions of the victim until death or conformity to a predetermined and designed nefarious plan. Neural Monitoring ROD's and conforming Proxies (former victims) are given access to the victims neural synapsis, neural profile and signature to frame, harass and benefit from the human capital assets of the victim. ROD's in U.S. Communication centers utilize the nano gel, mesh and tape as electrodes to gain access and control of various portions of the victims brain and neural hemispheres literally dividing the victim into portions to control cognitive ability, motor functions, judgement, emotions, thought process, induce stress, excitation, enhance the confusion matrix, control and benefit again from the victims human capital without consent. In most cases this is not known to the victim as they become a former shell of themselves. This process of neural hemispheres division is also used in blanket slating the victim or flashing them to induce altering personalities and create opposing neural profile recording and create false confessions. Most victims side with 1 cochlear inbound region (right or left ear) generally related to their dominant hands. This allows the ROD's to also communicate and induce interrogation questions on both side which normally conceals the opposing or incriminating question unnoticed. This allows the teams of operates to create false confessions to justify their use of a known MK technology design for human conditioning to be used as a false investigative tool. These false confessions and fabricated narratives are also used to convince other targeted victims and conforming proxies to further harass and even act out violently toward the "many on one" victim as the are generally overwhelmed by a multitude of U.S. government ROD's working "round the clock" shifts and innumerable victims and proxy enforcers within the cluster. Victims are also added to multiple electronic brain link systems and neural clusters to enhance pressure, increase mental, physical and emotional damage inflicted and speed up the "slow kill" (hello, good night and good bye) warfare operation upon the victim. This overall distress and invasion of the victims body, mind and soul without consent is devastating and generally achieves the intent of conformity, submission, control and death of the victim. Each victim offers deferring human capital assets to the U.S. Government and outputs of these neural networks. The general stigma applied to the use of this heinous "Targeting" program to justify its purpose is intelligence gathering for national security purposes (although it is far form constitution or humane). Victims are daisy chained in these neural clusters and their thoughts, conversations, dreams, beliefs, associations, families and entire lives are made public to ROD's, Admins and conforming proxies without release. The information or "blood" intelligence is transfer up the chain  of the pyramid scheme to the ROD's and output where it is filtered, cataloged and recorded. Even allowing ROD's on HMI touch screens to "see through the eyes" of the victims. Victims brains who are divided are also used to train DCNN (Deep Convolutional Neural Networks) assisting with making "action sense" of data collected. They are also used in some cases to bridge the gap between automation and artificial intelligence as the human brain is the "true artificial intelligence" and if you can conform every victim to a willing hive mind the combined processing power far exceeds as carbon based processor or quantum computer. Victims can also be transferred meaning both their neural synapsis being copied to a beneficiary non consensually or cloned diluting them immensely from who they are without this heinous intrusion upon humanity. This forced hive mind or BBI (brain to brain interface) steals every thought, idea, reaction, thought process, judgement, experience and utilizes their natural intelligence without benefit to themselves. This only assists the beneficiary or output of the neural network depriving the victim of every right, dignity and conscionable consideration imaginable. The output beneficiary literally gains every benefit of the victim while their memories are erased, their bodies or weakened and lives destroyed without consideration, compensation, agreement and consenting benefit. Additionally, human capital assets stolen from the victim include the extraction of DNA and phonons destroying the victim and assisting the beneficiary. The mining and extraction of the oily gel substance which is often called "life force" and resembles the heinous practice of adrenochrome collection is also common and explains why victims are constantly stressed to the point of weakness, exhaustion and even near death on a daily basis. As with adrenochrome the stress releases adrenaline amongst other chemicals. These torture equivalent derives a similar if not rarer by product. Most nefarious human capital assets stolen from victims include extra sensory abilities which are controversial to mention but have known to exist and yield great value for thousands of years including pre and post cognition, astral projection, telekinesis amongst many more. These victims account for a very small portion of the population believe to be .03% and most are unaware of said talent based on culture and societal beliefs. These neural networks and use of unique signature, DNA bio resonance and addition psychological distress techniques allow the beneficiary or output of these networks to literally enslave and utilize their abilities. Lastly the most disturbing human capital asset stolen from victims is their free will, mind and body in the process of neural blanket slating as unknown as "neural soul snaring" and transitioning another’s consciousness into and upon these victims. Multiple methods exist to accomplish this goal including 1) The use of multiple operators to erase the victim entirely and impose themselves. 2) The process of "flashing" the victims consciousness, implanting a microchip and copying the neural synapsis, memories, preferences and will of another upon the victim for which they can be remotely "Driven" by 1 master operator connected directly to the "Zombie Victim". Lastly and referred to as synthetic soul transferred is the theory suggested by many that you can remove the soul of a victim entirely and transfer the complete consciousness of another into the victim without their consent. This is generally accomplish by means of intense transcranial magneto stimulation or the equivalent of electro shock therapy to "wash" the essence of the victim away while the predator is transposed upon them.

Victims Are Targeted In The Following Ways:

Bio Coded Directed Energy:

- Induction or Disruption of Magnetic Field (Bio field)

DNA Sequenced Resonance Kinetic Energy:

- Transverse Scalar Waves


Kinetic Energy Munitions:

- Sonic

- Electrostatic discharge or shock (Darpa N3 Nano Gel, Mesh, Tape, String, Tubular and Residue

- Nano Gel micro explosives

Nano Gel:

- Electrocuted

- Speared With Solidified Gel

- Internal Damage (Organs, Tissue, Brain) micro explosives

- Cut (Internal & External)

- Blinded (Fogged, Double Vision, Blocked Vision)

- Sedated: Nano Particle Drug Delivered/Induced with DMT (hallucination enhancement via gland stimulation and hologram projection additive). Same premise exists with RNM weapons variant of depression, paranoia, stress etc.

- Hologram Enhancement: When combined with 2d neural cortex induction of imagery developed in occipital lobe and projected through secondary optical nerve upon eyes being opened hologram become 3D and physical in nature

- Camouflage - Used to blend in back grounds and deceive victims

- Electronic Disturbance - Electrostatic charged to short out and destroy electronics

- Communications - IR mirrors for Cochlear Hetrodyning (mid ear communications)

- Human Capital Extraction: DNA, Phonon collection, extraction, removal and destruction

- Makes victims highly conductive and electrostatic attraction populates and environmental contaminates into the body

Nano Mesh:

- External & Internal "Yoking" or electric shock submission, fatigue, pain

- Choking - Inserting in mouth and lounged in throat

- Rape - Inserting in Anal Cavity, Penis, Vagina (added by ROD's in U.S. Communication centers for visual projection of  

               attackers and audible torture these technologies terrorize innocent victims causing great duress

- Collection/Clean Up - Upon completion of intended use these nets collection human capital extracted, Nano gel,

                                         debris and residual evidence so little is left behind

- Magnetic Field Enhancements - Victims are literally covered and surrounded by these mesh nets and while

                           induced by electromagnetic radiation they are literally cooked little food in a microwave isolating that

                           individual and reducing external leaks to prevent public concern.

- Memory Erasing - TMS or transcranal magnetic stimulation is used with PTSD victims literally erasing and destroying

                           neural pathways  - this is an extreme method of accomplishing the same remotely.

- Destroying Organs - Heart attacks, Strokes, Brain Bleeds, Aneurism, dementia, tremors, cognitive impairments,

                                       blood clots, blood clotting issues, malnutrition.

Nuerotoxicity - Metallic Nanoparticles:

Areas of Penetration:

Brain - Low nanogel stiffness favors transcytos0145is across blood brain barrier and causes preinflamatory cytokine release, changes in neurotransmitters, trans membrane protein complex dysfunction, intracellular Ca 2 metalbolism disturbance, oxidative stress induction, activation of cell death paths, deregulating cellular energies, Immune destruction, tumor promoting, genome instability, necrosis, apoptosis and autophagy. All of which amounts to a predetermined death march and public execution.

Nasal Cavity - Inhaled while breathing in our home as the entire environment has been contaminated with nano residue. Operators also forced mesh and gel into our mouths and down our throats at every opportunity intentionally poisoning myself and significant other. Operators further contaminate every drink and food item we ingest while tormenting us along the way. Operators also force nano mesh into our air ways and lungs while sleeping making it difficult to breath and making us both cough.

Gastrointestinal System - These nano materials, particles, mesh, nets, tape, string and tubulars cause great discomfort, pain, disorder and dysfunction or the gastrointestinal system. This is especially true when electrified equating to an electric fence within your stomach, intestents and bowels.

Respiratory Tract - These nano mesh, string, fiber, gel, net and tubular materials pollute the victims entire respiratory tract causing significant health issues enhanced by the electrostatic nature of the materials create an electrified magnet drawing significantly denser metallic objects into the lungs and respiratory system and hold it there to accumulate in mass. This restricts the lungs capillaries from their full capacity, clogs the ventricles reduce blood oxygen concentrate within the blood stream. Essentially the victims slowly suffocate as it becomes more difficult to breath. The forced neural network architecture of daisy chained victims in a "one on many" design make the non allegiant targeted victim a virtual nano particle repository. Forced to filtering, cleaning and remove waste from the electro magnetic follow of the ROD's and conforming Proxies. The obvious intent is to sicken and kill the non conforming victim.

Skin - These nano materials are absorbed into the skin and blood stream. Residue of nano materials and particles are also collected upon the skins surface. Nano material make victim highly conductive so they attract more nano materials, mesh, tape, string, fibers and particles. This cycle along with the intentionally force ingestion and application on behalf of the U.S. Government ROD's make their intent to kill extremely clear "government sponsored assassination of U.S. Citizens" or the equivalent of a death warrant without indictment, trial, conviction, sentencing or due process.


These operators are hostile in nature utilizing an adversarial neural network architecture with the intent to kill innocent U.S. Citizens. These operators work directly for our on behalf of the United States government in an official capacity as they provide access to nano gel, nano mesh, nano tubes and nano particles while training, directing and advising these operators. They directly facilitate, participate, incentivize, monetize, monitor, maintain and direct the operators, neural networks and electronic brain link systems, neural computer construct and slow kill operation.

Nano Tubes, Strings, Tape:

- Self Assembling Negatively and Positively charged Polymer electrostatic Interactions

- Interact to manipulate matter (bio matter in human body)

- Strings come in blue, red, white and black

- Tubes arrive clear and develop inner core upon reaction, mending and assembling

- Extraction of Human Capital - DNA, Phonons aka "Life Force"

- Transceivers, highly conductive making victims living electrostatic "lightening rods"

Microbes (Genetically Altered)

- Sickness of the Victims

- Neurotoxin

- Pollution of the Victims body and coverup excuse for weapons systems

Fungus (Genetically Altered)

- Sickness of the Victim (placed in lungs, blood and tissue) rapid germination

- Hallucinations - Psilocybin (Psyops Enhancement Additive) Used in conjunction with visual cortex induction and brains natural AV & VR abilities without further hardware the victim can be easily convinced of having a spiritual or haunting experience. DMT is also naturally found within the human brain released naturally when born and upon death - synthetic stimulation of glands can release a multitude of native emotional and mental state chemicals.

Weaponized Remote Neural Monitoring (MK - Mind Kontrol Tech Patents)

- Emotional State Manipulation (Chemical Release Control)

- Mental State Manipulation (Chemical Release Control)

- Anti-Arousal/Libido Prevention

- Thought to text/speech "synthetic mind reading" via use of Neural Signature

- Judgement & Thought Process Manipulation

- Vital Monitoring and manipulation

- Visual Reference of Victims Perception (Viewing through the victims eyes)

- Visual Reference of the Victims Thoughts, Memory & Dreams

- Insertion and manipulation of visual memory, dreams and visual

- Subliminal & Subconscious messaging and manipulation of thought process, beliefs & perception

- Cochlear Paradigm (satellite or mobile directly - line of site technology only)

- Connection with Remote Operators, Neural Network & Nano Technology

- Original & structure of Neural Network type (adversarial "one on many") and people or Neural Nodes connected

- Control of Pain induction and level of torture inflicted upon each victim

- Exposes victims to Ionizing Electromagnetic radiation exceeding 300 HZ causing brain damage, tissue damage, cellular damage, developmental issues, ADHD, Hair loss, Tinnitus, Bone loss, tooth decay, headaches.

- Electromagnetic Radiation or Transmission waves propagate the nano crystalline gel with the body and blood stream that solidify into crystalline structures throughout the body and organs.

ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) & Scalar Waves

- Alternative Cochlear hetrodyning method used to conceal or add press/duress upon the victim (Frequency Modulation DNA bio resonance)

- Alternative method of Visual cortex induction utilizing DNA as the Antenna (Amplitude Modulation)

- Traverse Scalar waves can disrupt DNA and Cellular integrity and human vitals

- ELF waves are known to cause pain in each victim (calcium vibrates upon the cell until it mutates - division of mutated cells is aka cancer)

Psychological/Neurological Torture:

- RNM and Neural Networks allow ROD (remote operators and conformist proxies) to harass, ridicule, torment, threat, belittle and degrade the victim 24 hours per day without reprieve. ROD's incentivize and initiate violent acts against the targeted victims. The U.S. Government monetizes, maintains, facilitates and participates in this cruel and usual punishment.

- Neural Signatures which are the essence of "who we are as individuals" are shared without consent and spread across multiple EBLS (Electronic Brain Link Systems) and many individual benefiting from the victim in a multitude of ways that are also "unknown" to the victim.

- Victims are systematically brainwashed, groomed and conditioned to fit a predetermined narrative. They are weighed on, diluted and manipulated. They are sent to mental health services to be misdiagnosed for illness when in fact they are purposefully manipulated with technology.

- Victims are isolated from family, friends and anyone willing to listen to their cries for help. These family members and significant others are also Remote Neural Monitored but communicated with and manipulate subliminally to believe the victims are crazy, on drugs, cheating, committing crimes or making up the symptoms. This is a blatant and inhumane misuse of government technology and neurological weapons systems.

Collateral Damage:

- The crystal nano gel manipulates matter meaning it replicates and utilizes the material around it to assemble and complete the task. Propagation and replication of this polymer nano technology is achieved with electromagnetic radiation emission exposure from satellite or the general environment. This nano technology and gel is transmissible to others exposed to the environment intentionally contaminated by the U.S. Government Psyops Units. This exposure directly and indirectly effects everyone around the victim. Family, friends, significant others and the general public. Over time they will also most likely suffer the same crystalline nano fibers, tubes, structures, clotting and become more conductive which attracts more environmental contaminates. This is a biological, chemical, neurological and psychological weapon system by design that is a clotting epidemic in the making, public health risk and living nightmare for the American public. This overview does not include the human rights violated, constitutional and international  Nerumberg Code Violations. This is torture and victims suffer greatly without justice or peace.

Criminal Charges & Liability:

International War Crimes – Geneva convention & Nuremburg Code

Government Sponsored Assasination

Government Sponsored Obstruction Of Justice


Government Sponsored Terrorism (Bio, Chem, Neuro & Psyops warfare upon citizens)

Non consensual Human Experimentation

Interstate & International Human Trafficking (use of Neural Signature Across State Lines & Internationally)

Government Sponsored Kidnapping (obduction of neural signature)

Illegal Search & Seizure/Warrantless search & seizure

Violate of entire Bill of rights

Government Sponsored Slavery

Government Sponsored execution without due process, indictment, trial, conviction or sentence

Government sponsored invasion of body, mind and soul

Government sponsored false imprisonment (neural prison)

Government sponsored exploitation of minors

Government sponsored violation of the American’s with disabilities act

Government sponsored violations of Federal HIPPA Laws

Violation of Miranda Rights, Right to counsel, right to remain silent, right to speedy trial, right to face accuser, right to mount an equitable defense, right to equity under the law

Complicity in a conspiracy to deprive life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to U.S. Citizens

Government sponsored concealment of violate crimes

Failure to investigate and protect victims of violate crimes

Dereliction of duty

Criminal Neglect of duty and adherence to oath (Failure to protect and serve)

Government sponsored fraud and theft from U.S. Citizens

Government sponsored Fabrication of evidence, coerce, manipulation and creation of false confessions

Government sponsored endangerment and non consensual use of a U.S. Citizens person & property

Government sponsored espionage and theft of intellectual property

Government sponsored poisoning by means of neurotoxicity - metallic nano particles

Pictures Of Physical Exam & Blood Results

Videos Of Phsyical Body, Blood & Microscope Exam

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