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Arizona lacks protection for Tenants against surveillance

Arizona law lacks legal recourse for tenants who are illegally surveilled in their homes on the Justice of the Peace municipal court, within rental agreements and at the State level. 

No Tenant Protection
Threats By Landlord

Upon a client's intuition and belief we were requested to sweep her apartment for electronic devices. We located 3 cameras (1- living room, 1 - bedroom & 1 - bathroom). She informed management who stated "it must've been a maintenance worker", filed a PHX PD police report telling her these issues were difficult to investigate and spoke to a Realestate Attorney who informed her JP court Justices are not equip to address these matters although the rental agreement guarantees "A Safe Living Environment", Apt. Staff admitted fault and Federal Law Gurantees privacy rights. Terrible indeed.

To make things worse the Landlords staff issued the tenant 3 "walk through notices" within 2 months of the complaint and issued a "5 Day notice" for having her boyfriend over (although the rental contract allows guests without restriction or time constraints). Further the landlords Attorney stated "staff" during said "walk throughs" had the expertise to located and ensured NO Additional devices were present (which is ridiculous considering they didn't possess the equipment, knowledge or experience to make this claim). Finally, after 3 years of never missing a payment the Landlord refused to renew her rental agreement forcing her to move. Discrimination ANYONE? 

This is a perfect example of State Laws and the Court System failing a Law abidding citizen and favoring a "multimillion" dollar Slum Landlord equivalent for doing nothing wrong but seeking justice. Tenants in Arizona and under the country should be aware and stay diligent. As this may also happened to you and there is little place to turn for remedy. Like with so many others in this situation the Tenant could not afford to pay a "high dollar" federal attorney to take her case. Tragedies this like should not exist when all this VICTIM seeked was a "Safe & Private Place" to call home (for which she always paid for). Does this sound like America to you?

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