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Drone Program revealed over Phoenix, AZ  

Upon receiving a contributors videos and photos we have and continue to investigate a "little unknown" drone program in full swing over Phoenix, AZ and around the country. Your feedback, information and opinion is appreciated. FYI - Video was filmed next to a "Freeway - 202 Loop" so the sound you hear in the back ground are vehicles not plane or helicopter blades.

Contributor Video
Aurora - Aurora Excalibur
Phoenix Drones

Upon investigating a contributor provided video we have concluded these large unmanned aerial vechicles are in fact part of a new drone program across the nation. These drones are used for surveillance, mapping, therma imaging and "first on the scene" responses. Law abidding citizens should  concerned with privacy and abuse concerns while criminals should be afraid.


Across the country various sitings of similar aerial vehicles have baffled residences and local law enforcement over the years. Recently though many municipalities have announced these programs publicly. The drones seen in this video are much larger then "private versions" and we believe based on the flight patterns they are currently launched from gilbert airport. Personally, we don't agree with military style drones flying around U.S. cities as we feel they are intrusive to generally privacy rights and over kill.

Pros & Cons

A life with active drones flying overhead - Pros: they are high effective & efficient in responding quickly to traffic accidents, fires and the scene of a crime. Cons: Privacy concerns and abuse. Often with similar technologies over time they can be abused based on lack of regulation, oversight and enforcement. Inevitably, some operator will spy on an innocent target or harrass the unwitting with advanced capabilities like tracking, therma imaging (see inside your home) or audible surveillance devices.

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