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TI Conspiracy

Tormented, Tortured, Diseased  & Mislabeled "Crazy" but the evidence and proof doesn't lie

Targeted Victims Torture Covered Up By the CIA, FBI & DOJ



Ryan Michell Victimized by Nano Technology, Microbial Variants, Microwave Manipulation of his mental and emotional state, Chemical & Radiation Exposure via Nano Particles, Fungal munitions, falsely accused, framed and threatened with Malicious prosecution for revealing the truth. These are well known Infra/Ultra sound weapons used in HUMIT Programs and Psychological warfare.

GANGSTALKING home invasion, terrorism, rape, extortion, exploitation, intimidation and retaliation cover up. (FBI & CIA - Clean Up). The photographs below where obtained from a security camera within a Targeted Victim's apartment with his girlfriend. When analyzed "Frame by Frame" the rape cover up video revealed numerous "Allegiant" Proxy Community Stalkers, Covert FBI "Gangstalking Unit" agents and a CIA clean up team. This series of videos proved intentional perversion regarding disgusting photos of a victim being strangled and raped. The multitude of images and actors show "pooling" of images or layering of numerous images to conceal the perpetrators and intentional "victim shame" the victim. These series of "Doctored" videos proves the FBI's "Los Carpetas" style behavior in siding with criminals instead of protecting victims. The DOJ's involvement in this crime and coverup proves obstruction of justice to conceal violent crimes, human trafficking and allowance of "grooming" tactics to disguise the criminal behavior of U.S. Government employees and contractors acting in an official capacity. This investigation and evidence legitimizes millions of U.S. Citizens and Targeted Victims complaints of rape, stalking and assault both physically and electronically via hardware and Darpa N3 Nano technology. Specifically the used of crystalline nano gel, mesh, net, tubulars and string to "remotely" induce physical sexual assaults upon male and female victims with little attribution, trace evidence and knowledge of the technology. This nano technology explained the "micro touch" sensations felt by targeted victims.

CIA coverup of FBI Rape

Gangstalkers (local proxies) invading victims home when they are not there and setting up a rape and murder/suicide of a female victim and her boyfriend. This heinous act was later covered up by a CIA coverup team producing fake and doctored videos upon "blanket slating" or brainwashing the female victim after sedating her, beaming her with a microwave "crowd control" device in the head and exposing her to intense TMS via Darpa N3 nano electrodes and grooming via  weaponized RNM "Subliminal and Subconscious" brainwwashing techniques. This also included inducing her with pornography and "virtual" gang rapes with the EBL neural virtual construct "subconsciously" as she slept by 5 additional "U.S. Government" rapist from the ARMY, NAVY and Gangstalking units all monitored by the CIA and NSA.

image_50404097 (1).JPG

CIA/FBI Relay House 

While investigating the attempted murder of Ryan Michell and rape of Valentina Sysa that initially started as a "Gangstalking" incident we found that the internet service for their new home address (4513 E. Tanglewood Dr. Phx, AZ 85048) was taken over and being relayed to a home no more than a mile away. The home or "relay house" address was 4306 E. Woodland Dr. Phx, AZ 85048 and a internet traffic was "illegally" being relayed, filtered and transferred to this "relay house". This tangible evidence was initial found when the victims submitted a report to the ATF outline the use of weaponized RNM as a WMD. The nefarious actors with are U.S. Government employees and contractors were responsible for framing the victims, covering up a physical rape of V. Sysa, covering up the Construct Rapes of V. Sysa involving a Navy Lt., Darpa employee and FBI JTTF officer. They also were responsible for frame the victims by redirecting their browse to a "child porn website" and creating the DOCTORED CG videos they planned to use to frame and prosecute R. Michell. We will show this content below.  THE INTERNET TRAFFIC WAS NEVER AUTHORIZED TO BE RELAYED OR TRANSFERRED TO THIS OTHER RESIDENCE.

image_50404097 (1).JPG
image_50404097 (1).JPG

U.S. Citizens Poisoned With Nanotoxcity

Overt targeted victim: Ryan Michell and his significant other convert targeted victim: Valentina Sysa have been dosed heavily with electro static radiation from Remote Neural Monitoring and further added to multiple Electronic Brain Link System of various agencies to enhance the effects and exceed the Non-ionizing threshold of 300 HZ literally microwaving them causing brain damage, tissue damage, cell damage, born loss, tooth decay, hair loss, cancer (Ryan), ED issues (Ryan). They are also exposed to Nano particles which are radioactive and Nano Mesh Nets which are magnetized and collect a litany of debris both internally and externally. This doesn't include the wide variety of microbes collected, logged and in the possess of CIS. They are literally being assassinated in plain view of the public. From Ryan's perspective the worse part of this whole situation is knowing that "my own government is killing me without cause or due process". This resembles NAZI Germany as the public and army stated they "were just doing their job and fighting terrorism" in sending Jews to concentration camps. This practice is much like today beyond the advancement in technology as "The Matrix" or neural construct, neural network, force HIVE mind or collective mindset is NON- CONSENSUAL and a virtual prison in which you can not escape, turn off the verbal torment of the ROD's or visual cortex induction of heinous visual, you can't avoid the emotional and mental state modification. Futher you can not avoid the torture afflicted upon the targeted victim by the DARPA N3 nano mesh, net, gel, nanites and magnetic field (bio field) manipulation and ELF (extremely low frequency) signals all causing significant pain which is "cruel and unusual punishment. Ryan Michell is handicapped and already suffers from chronic pain and with the addition of this illegal treatment, surveillance, harassment and physical disfigurement this is unconscionable and most definitely a war crime under the Geneva Convention an Nuremburg Accord. The use of TMS of transcranial magnetic stimulation also used in PTSD patients erases the victims short term and long term memory by destroying the Neural pathways themselves. This is the equivalent of electroshock therapy.

image_50404097 (1).JPG
20231210-055334-080 - Copy.jpg

Tormented, Tortured, Diseased  & Mislabeled "
Crazy" but the evidence and proof doesn't lie.

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