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FBI Conceals POTUS Assassination Plot

We've concluded that POTUS is in fact being targeted and manipulated by the weapons grade variant of Remote Neural Monitoring. Based on mannerisms, behavior, confusion, visual distortions, equilibrium problems and our back trace of a related neural network. The investigation began in Phoenix, AZ based on an unrelated case of a targeted individual and the source of his torment. We located two operators identifying themselves as convert FBI agents involved in a cartel related investigation. Later these same agents claimed the investigation morphed into a terrorist investigation. We intercepted chatter and a plot to target POTUS and confronted the FBI agents about their knowledge and participation. The FBI requested we come and work for this UNIT and upon denial of the FBI JTTF Special Agent of DOJ Special Prosecutor's request we were subsequently relentlessly targeted ourselves with the same technologies. This includes constant threat of malicious prosecution and death threats to our family members. We then turned to the Secret Service and CIA providing our findings only to be ignored and denied even the diligence of a follow up phone call.

The simple question remains: If we were able to back trace and link POTUS to the same neural network as a civilian targeted by the JTTF and learned of the intent and a plot to nefariously target President Biden: why would the FBI conceal these material facts, threatens witnesses instead of interview them and why would the Secret Service not find this a VIABLE THREAT to POTUS's security? Weaponized RNM or Voice Of God is a "Kill Psyhops" weapon (referencing HELLO, GOOD NIGHT and GOOD BYE). Victims suffer psychological torment, conditioning and brainwashing. Physically degradation: heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, brain damage, cellular damage, neurological disorders and worse their psyche can be "fractured" creating the equivalent of multiple personality disorder allowing ISA and ROD's to control the motor functions, vitals, thought process and ultimately the actions of the victim. Remember the presidents strange reactions during announcements that "he needed to check with staff, may get in trouble" all while touching his ear like he was wearing a comm ear piece or being instructed? Think cochlear paradigm or mid ear communications tech used by special forces and the CIA. No chip or ear piece needed only a neural signature entered into a EBLS. Remember may ask who's really calling the shots? We think we know and it isn't the President (bless him as he might not even realize he's being synthetically possessed by the CIA). Driven to make decisions or show signs of cognitive issues and how hard would it really be?

We located 7 identifiable U.S. Government Officials at Langley with information and knowledge related to this exact issue (we can point these people out in a line up). Why is a weapon of mass destruction being used upon U.S. Citizens and POTUS with impunity? The answer is simple "lack of public knowledge and awareness". For example: If the general public had no knowledge of a nuclear bomb you could drive it on a flatbed truck into Washington D.C. and no one would notice or stop you until it went off. The same where: the public doesn't understand their is a massive threat to our way of life destroying society and gentrifying portions of the population everyday.

The bottom line is the FBI is actively concealing these material facts and obstructing justice and impeding upon a serious investigation to protect POTUS. We believe this simple based on the "Self Preservation" efforts of the Phoenix JTTF Special Agent and Arizona U.S. Attorney and Special Prosecutor. The sad fact is this may lead to or allow a great tragedy to go unnoticed, persist onward or negate the opportunity to prevent it in the future as a scenario 99.99% of investigative agencies including the FBI and Secret Service would never consider on their own as THEY CAN'T IMAGINE THE MAGNITUDE OF THE THREAT IT POSES.

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