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U.S. Govt Sponsored Assassination

 Ryan Michell is a Targeted Victim, Advocate and Cognitive Science Abuse investigator who has dedicated his life to bring an end to the senseless murder, torture and assasination of countless U.S. Citizens without legal authority. He created a self funded non profit named Cognitive Investigative Services to seek the truth, methods, means and purpose of the U.S. Targeting program and bring the perpetrators to justice and relief to millions of American's suffering through an active genocide. Public Awareness is paramount in relieving the classifed technologies used to afflict cruel and unusal punishment upon these victims in plain view of society. Below you will see his testimony in revealing his U.S. Government sponsored assasination without due process, indictment, warrant, conviction, sentencing or appeal. 


videos, pictures and evidence offered on this website is the sole property of Ryan Michell and can only be used for redistribution or rebranding at his discretion and by written consent issued to the authorized party on a case by case basis. Call 602-769-0036 for more information




Valentina's & Ryan's Recovery Fund

Nano Mesh is a Darpa N3 Nano Technology designed to collect yet with Targeted Victims it is also used to envelop their bodies in a wrap, electrocute them, strangler them, demobilize them, stun them, choke them, aspirate them, cause respiratory issues like breathing and lung issues etc. It is known to cause conjunctive heart failure, clog arteries and aid in organ failure. It comes in a variety of textures includes a smooth lace texture, a cotton texture, a feature texture, a grid texture and smooth gel texture. It is electro static and when energized magnetically attracts and holds debri within the lungs, heart and kidneys etc. Often called the "chains and restraints" of neural prisons that false imprison millions of Americans.

Video clearly shows that Targeted Victims Ryan Michell has been attacked by DARPA N3 nano technology and is skin examination reveals a multitude of nano formations and genetically altered microbes. These work in conjunction with each other systematically destroying his ability to function normally. Although he has reached out to the DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA, DARPA, U.S. Military, DNI, DOD and local law enforcement NO ONE HAS COME TO HIS AID or offered assistance in helping to ease his suffering or that of millions of targeted victims with the United States. 

This video is another addition to the litany of proof posted onto this website of the U.S. Targeting program literally assassinated and illegally experimenting upon TI Victim Ryan Michell. He has been isolated from his family, significant other and friends and literally left to suffer and die. 

This video further shows nano formation extracting human capital, destroying DNA, Tissue and placement of a non consensual microbrial community depleting him health.

This video shows Targeted Victim Ryan Michell's ongoing torture with DARPA's genetically engineered microbes, nano tubulars formations and that are electro-static and self assembling on his face and fungal munitions. They authorities are well aware of this use of biological and neurological warfare upon this U.S. Citizen yet they take no action even amongst filed complaints and obvious evidence in his possession. This affliction requires constant "cleaning and debris removal" throughout the day and has literally disfigured his face and caused him significant weight loss, cancer, bone loss, hair loss, tooth decay, sepsis, jaundice, self esteem & confidence issues. The nature of this "gain of function research" and attack is unjustified and the U.S. Government needs to be held liable.

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