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The United States Of Internment Camps

As sad as it is to admit the U.S. Government is not only guilty of dereliction its primary duty to serve and protect but also  actively complicit in targeted U.S. Citizens both directly and indirectly without committing a crime. Directly the victim could be a parent from a PTO meeting to a “Fringe Of Society” (handicapped, poor, uneducated, homeless, a felon etc.). The truth is grim for those “Targeted Directly” (aka Targeted Individuals) as they are subjected to 24/7 365 torture without Indictment, Conviction or Due Process and literally “microwaved” with Mind Kontrol (MK) directed energy weapons like “Labs Rats” by the FBI, CIA and HAARP (by Voice of God Weapons including “Synthetic Telepathy & Clairvoyance”). They are also used as “target practice” by the Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines as their cognitive abilities are “harvested”, stolen and or conditioned into “Proxies” or False Flag domestic terrorists to fulfill some sick agenda. They are utilized by the cognitively deficient like “Slaves” right here in America for study or cognitive improvement of the ISA, ROD and Operators of that Recurrent Neural Network and this is all done remotely (via Satellite, Cell Towers, WIFI and Radio) without a microchip implanted and utilizing their brain signature much like a finger print. These microwave weapons cause the victim great physical pain even tissue and brain damage as you’re brain is not designed to be used like a “cell tower”. They leave the victims mentally, emotionally and financially broken without assistance, recourse or anywhere to turn. They are subjected to psychological torment by teams of operators and through proxies stripping them of everything they are as an individual and forced to accept hive minded” community mindset of subservience and die. This is all accomplished through the use of Recurrent Neural Networks and Remote Neural Monitoring under the lunacy of National Security and the “Anti-Patriot Act”. Think this is fiction? Wake Up America… Your family, friends and neighbors may be victims and all they have to look forward to is a referral to Mental Health services to be misdiagnosed as “Schizophrenic, Manic-Depressant or Delusional” and given lithium when in fact this is a sick “Dr. Frankenstein experiment on innocent civilians without consent or medical release”. What a tragedy in the “once former greatest Democracy in the world” which now resembles more of a dictatorship.


The more fortunate majority of the U.S. population is indirectly “microwaved” through V2K, VM including less potent versions of MK technologies and manipulated through subliminally messaging The purpose is to control human behavior, induce desired emotional states to even superimposing hidden subliminal messaging invisibly through radio frequencies. Remember this is subconscious and it absolutely affects the actions of the subjected population including but not limited to “How you feel to who you VOTE for”. Example: If your city was sprayed with vote democratic 24/7 365 and you couldn’t audibly hear this but subconscious received said messaging “Who do you believe you’d vote for if we are being completely honest with each other?”. Obviously, the subliminal messaging, behavioral modifications and conditioning have endless possibilities. Unfortunately, Men and Women are fallible for the most part driven by power, greed and self indulgence so you can imagine how they are used and by whom, we hope.  These applications are well known and outlined in the U.S. Patents listed  Private industry is also in on the CIA’s release of these technologies developed in the MK-ULTRA era with TAX PAYER money that now is on the verge of “Enslaving Us All”. A good example of such “Social Engineering” Programs is Security Industries Specialists along with 1600 other privately owned businesses. Some how, our Government and the “wise officials” we both elected and who were appointed contract them to spray U.S. Cities like Phoenix, New York, Chicago and many others with this nonsense. Obviously, this isn’t working toward our betterment or our Country and the world would be in a much better place if it had been applied differently (although we adamantly disapprove of any such application on civilian populations as it raises to many civil rights and constitutional issues). Look around our nation its literally crumbling and most of the world is on “fire”. Chicago deserves a special focus as “low income” neighborhoods (mostly minorities) are sprayed with negative intent or agitation resonate frequencies hence ”Black on Black” warzones exist while a few blocks over the “wealthy” areas are dosed with the “happy emotional responses” of “Life is grand, just look at all these flowers and butterflies”… This is only one example. I realize this seems unconscionable as it absolutely is. Unfortunately, it is the truth and you have the option of either “burying your head in the sand like so many have for the least 30 years” or you can “Open you eyes and raise hell with everyone and their mother” for FREEDOM as it is the BIRTHRIGHT of every U.S. Citizen without nonsensical justifications dished out by the FBI, NSA, CIA, DIA, DOD and our President. The Constitution and our BILL OF RIGHTS supersede ANY & ALL “ACTS” even regarding a fictional “War on Terror” much like the “War on Drugs” was – a complete fallacy…

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