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Manchurian Candidate "False Flag Ops"


Introducing the U.S. Governments sponsored False Flag and domestic terrorism creation machine. Beyond the knowledge of most United States Citizens exists the largest conspiracy in history to enslave, groom and condition innocent citizens into Manchurian candidates to fulfill predetermined and predesigned domestic terrorist events across the United States. The purpose is to create fear, threat and duress upon the public as a motivation to seed more rights and liberties to our government and its surveillance programs like the patriot act. This expands the surveillance state we currently live in, removes and risks losing our second amendment rights to bare arms and transfers democratic power from we the people to a selected few who are elected, unelected and appointed leaders to control our lives even further then they do now. U.S. Government agencies such as the FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA and Military are actively working together to accomplish this goal now under the disguise of a War on terror yet the truth is collectively and in varying degrees is they are all eliminating our democracy peace by peace. They have not proactively stopped or apprehended any significant terrorists since bin laadin. They seem to always act reactively post domestic tragedies, we know why this is. In this case the FBI is the coverup entity, referring innocent Americans to the TDSB/NIS Code 3 & Code 4 list without much oversight and allowing PTO Parents and Catholics to be labeled as extremists without charge and subjected to perpetual investigations. DOJ threatens malicious prosecution upon innocent civilians and whistleblowers as the judicial strong arm imprisoning freedom loving political dissidents or just those with differing opinions. Please Recall Merrick Garlands claim publicly that domestic terrorism is our country’s greatest threat although statistically that is far from true other than the exception mentioned here of creating terrorism events by grooming Manchurian candidates

to fulfill that prophecy ensnaring unwitting U.S. Citizens into acting against their better nature. Over the course of our nations history the CIA has operated a multitude of nefarious programs such as COINTER POL, MK-Ultra, Operation Guinea Pig, Project Blue Beam, N3 and now operation ventriloquist with the main objective of manipulating human behavior and ultimately modifying the actions of a targeted victim with very little trace evidence. The NSA stores each and every communication of the targeted individuals electronics and neural signature in Electronic Brain Link system file for later prosecutorial uses or to solidify a case against the targeted victim. Finally, the U.S. Military also targest U.S. Citizens who are uncooperative. Primarily the D O D acts ignorant that military grade Voice Of God style resonate frequency weapons are being used on U.S. Citizens. Curious they are supposed to Protect and Serve against foreign and domestic enemies even if they are part of our own government. These facts are undeniable considering that U.S. Government agencies target veterans, service members and U.S. Citizens with the intent to condition them for false flag operations or slow kill them through psychological torment and physical damage. This accounts primarily for the high number of mysterious deaths and astronomical suicide rates amongst targeted victims from all walks of life. A few specific cases proving this fact and use of Voice of God style resonate frequency weapons include: well known “Active Shooter” cases like Aaron Alexis, now deceased, at the Washington Navy Yard on September 16, 2013. His admissions and history prove, paranoia, a sleep disorder and complaining about hearing voices in his head. Further Esteban Santiago, sentenced to life in prison, for Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport mass shooting on January 6th, 2017 initially told the FBI he was under some form of government mind control.

These are not coincidental occurrences and many more examples exist without most making an obvious connection even though “HSPD-6 was built to bring all this information together for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to share and collaborate”. This shows obvious negligence at best but we sternly believe complicity in conspiracy to conceal the truth and obstruct justice. Manchurian candidates are created by use of technologies little known to the public at large including RNN or Recurrent Neural Networks, DNN or Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, V2K or Voice to skull, BCI or Brain computer interface, HMI or Human machine interface, EMF or ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELD TRANSMISSIONS, ELF or Extremely LOW FREQUENCY transmissions, RI or REVERSE INTEGRATION, VM or VOICE MONITORING & MK or MIND CONTROL integrated into RNM or Remote Neural Monitoring software utilized by U.S. Government agencies and distributed over cellular networks and satellites then through comm and fusion centers around the country. This is done remotely and non-invasively by used of neural biometrics also known as a brain signature which is unique to each and every person much like a finger print – no microchip implant or nano technology required and this signature can be obtained in a variety of ways for example by electroencephalography or e e g, magnetoencephalography or MEG, or computerized tomography (CT), or Functional magnetic resonance imaging or fmri and functional near-infrared spectroscopy (FNIRS).


It can also be obtained from dna collection then sequenced into ions, then datasets and tuned to that individuals specific bio resonance or brain signature. It can also be acquired remotely via methods mentioned utilizing voice monitoring to isolate the target from a crowd or family member then upon identification that neural pattern of datasets is translated into ions or the targets neural signature and finally tuned to that individual specific dna bio resonance frequency.

These datasets are entered into a database and selected for targeting by the ISA and loaded into RNM software’s targeting list. This means when an acoustic and visual paradigm is achieved for that targeted victim that “voices, sounds, music and visual distortions” can be streamed into the victims brain via there cochlea for audio and across there occipital lobe or visual cortex to cause hallucinations or induce delusions. Once a neural signature is acquired also known as “Neural soul snaring” these voices, sounds and visuals are imperceivable to anyone else besides the targeted victim. The key word here is imperceivable to anyone else but the targeted victim. This is part of the concealment design so the victim can be tortured mentally, physically and emotionally 24 hours a day with little trace evidence and has no one to seek help from or place to find resolution as they cannot turn this off and are falsely deemed either mentally ill for explaining their symptoms, assisted to killing themselves without consent or forced to submit to the demands of the ISA or Identification System Administrator or ROD’s or remote operators premeditated plan to commit domestic terrorism as a straw man or proxy. This includes mass shootings, bombings, rioting, lude acts and extreme aggression. Manchurian candidates are created not born and through grooming they are either conditioned to believe that fulfilling a domestic terrorist event is their purpose or forced to comply with the only benefit being a stop to the torture and torment they are experiencing. Like conditioning techniques learned from Pavlov and the salivating dogs at least 1/3 of the population is highly receptive to this disturbing induction of synthetic thoughts, subliminal messaging, emotional manipulation, negative reinforcement, psychological torture, recurring brainwashing techniques and indignity ultimately modifying and controlling their actions. 


It’s difficult to blame the behavior and actions of someone brainwashed or forced by methods of torture into committing acts against their better nature when the real perpetuators of these crimes are the ISA’s and ROD’s pulling the strings. These neural soul snared victims are being held hostage by the U.S. government. In most cases the victims have no free will or choice but to suffer or submit. Make no mistake, the main players are U.S. Government employees & contractors acting in an official capacity. These are our technologies with only 2 arrays in the world the U.S. and U.K. that mislead the Targeted victim to believe just about anything from their family, friends or neighbors spying on them to being an operative themselves. This is due to the extremely disturbing nature of these invasive psyops weapons and tactics. Literally, the victim wakes up one day – seeing holograms and hearing voices compelling them to do terrible things to themselves, others and the only way to turn it off is to remove the targeted victims neural signature from the RNM database. This generally happens after they commit the act or have died. We are convinced upon confirmation of a recent investigation the agenda and purpose of this is to remove firearms from the hands of legal owners. Much like Australia’s recent disarmament of its population transferring democratic power to the few in their government who quickly moved to subvert their rights and liberties. Governments have immense power to control every aspect of the general populations lives and defeat descent presented by an opposing uprising when arms are removed from the equation and no longer a complication. Open your eyes to weapons that continue to change the Constitutional foundation of our nation as the government should fear its people, people should never fear their government. God blessed America let’s keep it that way. Please forward this video. This is brought to you by C I S

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